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Five months since we (2/3) are home

Five months after two of the backpacks have left South America and returned to their respective countries, the situation is as follows:

Iunia brought Noemi Paymal (Bolivia) to Romania, to share Pedagooogia 3000 and her Holistic Education ideas with the people of Europe.

Boca brought Diane Dunn (Peru) to Hungary, to share the Munay-ki and other Andean teachings with the European people. (more info

Boca and Iunia attended the International Annual Conference of Pedagooogia 3000 in Brussels. There they met two of their sisters, Hui Min from Singapore, now living in Finland, and DJ from the Philippines, now living in Singapore. It was a most special family reunion, 13 months after. 

Boca is now working on building her business in Hungary to help people find balance and happiness in life.

Iunia has gone up on a mountain with her pink laptop, to seriously work on bringing her book to life.

Iunia has visited Boca twice, and Boca is planning on visiting Iunia soon.They’ve starting to really appreciate the pricelessness of the bond created after spending every moment of 10 months together.

Life has not been challenge-free since coming back, and it’s definitely been very intense. The experiences and lessons started to settle, and that led to even more learnings. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, love, live fully and enjoy fully. 

The third backpack is still in Cusco, and Silviu is still continuing to learn and grow heaps and heaps in those special places and among those special people. What tomorrow holds, he does not know, he’s just embracing it all with open arms.

Life in the Universe continues its course, and just as before, all is well :).

What being on the road has taught us (III)

  1. Learning is indeed a life long process, and the first thing we should teach our children at the start of their journey on Earth is to learn how to learn. Every experience, every person, every challenge. “What can I learn from this?” should become the question we carry with us at every moment.
  2. Studying and learning are two different things. The first one happens in school, the second one in life. Do not be fooled with respect to which one is the more important one. School is over after 20 years. Life… usually takes a bit longer.
  3. We’ve been focusing on the “what” to study for too long. Even the “how” and “why” are obsolete. Time to start looking at “who” it is we’re trying to teach. “One size fits all” is so last millennium it makes me wanna cry…
  4. Those you consider freaks will most times be the ones with most to teach you. Suspend judgment.
  5. Suspend judgment.
  6. Suspend judgment.
  7. Sometimes our most meaningful and unexpected life lessons will come from old unschooled ladies selling dodgy looking food by the road side.
  8. And our greatest teachers will sometimes be those we thought were our students. As long as we put our pride aside and allow ourselves to be taught.
  9. When we think we’re teaching is when we learn the most. Let’s put down our arrogance and stay open.
  10. Kids are so much smarter than we think. The kids of today more than ever.
  11. We can’t teach someone who is not willing to learn. What we can do is make the person see why learning is important. If that fails too, maybe we’re not meant to be the teacher. Or maybe the time has not yet come.
  12. When we say “I never thought I would…” almost every day, it means we’re on an accelerated journey of learning and growing.
  13. Learning from books, movies and stories is great. It’s all intellectual learning though, and it only becomes life changing when the heart learns it too. That happens by experiencing.
  14. When you sell a product or service, give something for free first. People will be so much more inclined to buy from you after that
  15. If you’ve been inspired at least once in a day, it was a day well spent. If you inspired someone at least once in a day, it was a week well spent.
  16. No matter how many sunrises and sunsets you have seen in your life, you will still find ones that will simply take your breath away
  17. After 10 months on the road with nothing but a backpack, even 9kg will sometimes prove to be “too much stuff”
  18. Indeed, happiness has nothing to do with the amount of stuff we own. It’s not directly proportional with our things, but with our attitude
  19. You can’t go to a different part of the world with the beliefs and habits from your own and expect to fit in and be just fine. You won’t be just fine, and then you’ll end up blaming it one the part of the world you’re visiting (because obviously you’re not going to blame it on your own rigidity). The smart thing to do is either embrace “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, or just stay home. The world is not ready for your judgments. And you’re not ready for the world.
  20. When you go up a mountain for a day, make sure you have enough food for two. Even if you make it back down in time, there will always be someone starving up there
  21. Talking with locals in a market somewhere in the middle of the mountains can sometimes be the most special moment you’ve had in a country
  22. Some of the best teas don’t come from fancy tea bags, but rather from orange, pineapple or apple peals, cinnamon or eucalyptus leaves.
  23. If you think having freshly made pop-corn in front of your tent by a lagoon 4200m high is wishful thinking… think again ;).
  24. When you find yourself excitedly exclaiming upon seeing a hostel room: “Wow, we have a lamp! This is a posh place!” it means you’ve been backpacking long enough.
  25. One can not only survive for a year, but actually be truly happy with nothing but 3 changes of clothes and an old pair of shoes. In fact, that’s all one needs.
  26. If you think that people who dance like no one’s looking are a myth, go to Brazil and see the damage you’re causing to yourself by being so stiff. Relax a little. Live a little.
  27. When traveling, do things you’ve never done before. That’s where most of the learning and excitement lie. Make and sell sweets in the street, work in a hostel, build a house, work in the field, pick fruits in the jungle, take care of animals, teach someone. So many incredible things out there we’d never be able to learn and experience sitting in an office.
  28. You can’t be too fancy when traveling, you’d be missing out on way too many things. No one has ever died from eating in a local market, drinking hot chocolate from an auntie in the street or squeezing in an old bus that looks like it’s gonna break down after 5km. Yet so many special experiences are being lived doing exactly these things.
  29. There is a major difference between a tourist and a traveler. The first one experiences things mainly mentally and certainly superficially, while a true traveler finds his heart transformed.
  30. Use your common sense and you’ll be fine. If a place looks dodgy, don’t go there. If you’re alone, take care at night. If someone’s face makes you think he’s trying to cheat you, go to someone else.
  31. Wake up early and go out, especially when in a small town. The daily coming to life of such a place is simply delightful!
  32. When you find a “favorite place”, remember there are many other places out there you don’t know about yet, but they could be your “even more favorite place”. Don’t settle for “good”, because “great” might be just around the corner. And never stop exploring.
  33. If you don’t speak the language of the place you’re going to, learn at least the basics. It’s the least you can do to show your respect towards the people whose lands you’re crossing.
  34. Be prepared to say good bye to “I never” and “I always”. There will be many first times, and that’s what it’s all about.
  35. You’ll also do many things you never thought you would. That’s when you’ll really experience the truth of “never say never”.
  36. When things don’t go as planned, which will very likely be all the time, just smile. Enjoy anyway and take it as an opportunity to learn about patience and flexibility.
  37. The first cold shower is the worst. Every subsequent one gets better and better. After a while, you will even start enjoying it (nah, sorry, that’s a lie).
  38. The local markets, that’s where all the goodies are – from the incredible food to the best information and conversations. Also the nicest people around.
  39. Do not sit under the sun at 4000m high with no sunscreen on. You’re not made of plastic (yet). You will burn.
  40. The skill and speed of hand washing your socks does become better with time.
  41. When you exclaim “The thing I liked most on this plate was the onion” at the end of a dinner, that’s a sign to never step into that restaurant again.
  42. Your hair will go through changes according to location, climate, altitude. You’re not in a Schwarzkopf commercial, you will have bad hair days. It’s best to just accept them and smile to the world anyway.
  43. When traveling, trust, believe, but always triple check your information. And sometimes, quadruple check it.
  44. If you’re in the mountains and ask for the time to reach a certain place, multiply whatever you’re being told by 3 in order to get the accurate time.
  45. DO NOT go into the jungle without a repellent, and if you did it anyway, DO NOT scratch! I know it’s the equivalent of telling a dog not to chew on a meat covered bone, but you have to be strong, put your human quality of control and will power to good use.
  46. Being a vegetarian saves you money. In some countries in South America it might mean you’ll be eating the same thing 4 times a week, but hey…:)
  47. When traveling by plane, have always your toothbrush and an extra T-shirt in your cabin luggage. Cause you really never know…
  48. If you’re adamant about sticking to your original plans, chances are you’ll end up stressed and unfulfilled. If you feel the calling of a place you’ve just heard of, go there. If you feel you need to stay more in a certain place, do it. If you feel you must move on, move on now!
  49. By being inflexible about your plans you’ll also be missing out on so much, as the best moments of a trip turn out to be those you really couldn’t have planned.
  50. There’s no such thing as „I’ve seen it all”. Even if you think you have, you haven’t. There’s also no such thing as „I’ve tried it all”. When you think you have, know there are still things to be tried.
  51. Have more faith in yourself. Those around you need you to
  52. “No need to run, and hide, it’s a wonderful wonderful world”… indeed 🙂

What being on the road has taught us (II)

  1. It’s not what you’ve done that matters, not when, how or with whom. It’s who you have become as a result of that experience. That’s what CVs should be about: the who, not the what.
  2. If something “embarrassi” happened and you’re worried about what others think of you, you’re giving yourself too much importance. Nobody goes to bed at night thinking about other people’s humiliation or mistakes. They go to bed thinking of their own humiliation and mistakes. There’s a reason why “I” is the word most often used by humans, while “you” is not even on the list.
  3. If what others think means more to you than what you think, you’re trapped in a cage built by society. The good news is the key to get out is with you. Also the decision when to set yourself free
  4. Having the courage to choose heart (your soul’s desire) over mind (societal programming) will bring you more gifts you could have ever imagined. Not having the courage to do so will bring you more regrets and guilt than you can bear.
  5. If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong. For you. So get out of there!
  6. If you find that your religion makes you judge and condemn others, you’re practicing the wrong thing. Find another religion. Or create one for yourself, one that has “Love and accept other beings, starting with yourself” as it’s first and only commandment.
  7. We start to appreciate the magic of nature, music and poetry more as our heart and mind gain purity and authenticity.
  8. When bees sting us, they act out of fear. Immediately after that they die. We look at them, feel sorry and say “Aren’t you silly? Why did you do that, I was not going to hurt you”. Then we go out there in the world and do the same: we sting another being. When a part of our relationship and of ourselves dies, who’s there to see it from a higher perspective and ask us “Aren’t you silly?”
  9. When flies in their greediness fall in our cup of chocolate milk and die, we look at them and ask “Aren’t you silly, killing yourself over some milk?”. When we in our greediness do the same, except over something bigger and shinier, who’s there to see the bigger perspective and ask us “Darling… aren’t you silly?”
  10. It’s true that the people we love the most are the ones we hurt the most. It’s good to become aware of that and see what we can do to cause less harm.
  11. Others can make you feel bad only once. The tyrant after that is you, playing old and painful scenes in your mind over and over again. The other is not to blame anymore.
  12. Similarly, you’ve made a mistake once. Give yourself the gift of learning from it and then move on. You’ve got no reason to keep punishing yourself for it over and over again.
  13. We’re our own greatest torturers.
  14. Things are almost never as bad as they seem. Don’t make them even worse by giving yourself too much importance or taking yourself too seriously. Live a little lighter, live a little more.
  15. Next time you catch yourself thinking “Why me?”, as in “Why should I do it?”, it’s so much more constructive to replace that with “Why not me?”. Because if you don’t do it, no one will. We are indeed the ones we’ve been waiting for. Time to wake up to that.
  16. Next time you catch yourself thinking “Why me?”, as in “Why is this happening to me?”, think of it as life’s way of saying “Have you learned nothing?” and teaching you to step out of victim mode. If we see things from a higher perspective we realise we’re not special at  all. Life IS, with its good and bad, for everyone, and we think it’s “me” only because we’re selfish. What keeps us in “poor me” mode is the needing of the sympathy of others. Well, they might be sympathetic, but we’re the one being pathetic – is that the best we can do for ourselves in this life?
  17. If you feel alone, you alone have made that choice.
  18. If you think you can’t, you won’t. It’s really that simple.
  19. When you find yourself taking too long to make a decision, go back to your first instinct. It really works.
  20. Don’t be too quick in expressing opinions about something you’ve not yourself experienced, but only read or heard about. Borrowing the opinions and knowledge of others can be a dangerous thing.
  21. Work smart, but work hard. Waiting for things to fall from the sky straight on your plate is not fair. Why would they? What’s so special about you for them to?
  22. If your work now has nothing to do with what you have studied, you’re not the only one. And if you love what you do, congratulate yourself for your courage!
  23. Put the whip down and be kinder to yourself. You’re really not as bad as you think :).
  24. When you find you have no choice, just relax and enjoy. It’s better than stressing out and feeling scared – the end result will be the same, the only difference is how you’ll feel about it. Might as well choose the good feelings.
  25. If your today looks the same as your yesterday and you think your tomorrow will look the same as your today… you have got to make a run for it, get out now and save yourself!
  26. They speak the truth when they say when we think we can no more, we find hidden strength within us that will keep us going. Have more faith in yourself. Those around you need you to.
  27. Wherever you are, never give up on your rights, especially when you know you’re not in the wrong.
  28. Reward yourself on a regular basis. You deserve it and someone has to do it. If not you… then who?
  29. When we find ourselves in a hole it’s only up to us how long we choose to stay there and when we decide it’s enough, we’ve learned our lesson and it’s time to get back up
  30. We are baffled when people whom we think should be sad are actually happy, and the other way around. Maybe it’s best to then stop looking at others’ happiness, and just focus on living our own.
  31. Making someone’s day is so much more rewarding than someone making your day. And the great part is, you have more control over it too :).
  32. The story of the frog turning into a prince is true. Have you ever seen a person blooming after getting into a relationship in which she receives true love from her partner? “What have you done, you look fantastic!”. What happened was… love. The “ugly” people are those so deprived of love they don’t dare to know how beautiful they are. If this were not true, then all those shows of “Before and after” would not exist. If the right clothes, make-up and care for oneself can make that difference, then let’s take our frogs shopping… and be ready to meet our princes or princesses! Or better yet, let’s give them the love and encouragement that will make them want to take themselves shopping. That way it will be permanent too:).
  33. When you have 1 dollar and give 10 cents of it to someone who has nothing, your feeling of abundance knows no limits. Your abundance is not relative to how much you have, but to how much you give.
  34. Too many people are uncomfortable with saying and hearing “I love you”. Yet not many people have issues splurting out a “screw you” every 5 minutes. Are we missing something here?
  35. Bad days exist, and that’s a fact. Be patient and kind to yourself when they come, and help them pass with grace.
  36. Learning to let go (of things and people) is one of the things that sets us free.
  37. Generalisations are called that way for a reason. Don’t make them personal.
  38. A genuine smile will not take us a long way. It will take us the way. It’s worth more than … No, in fact a smile is simply priceless! We should use it more often. Might end up changing our life.
  39. Being grateful is one of the most wonderful feelings!
  40. Pick your fights and don’t get emotionally involved in fights which are not yours to fight
  41. It’s not what we say, but how we say it. That’s why written messages can fup a relationship. It’s happened before and it will happen again. If we’re aware, not to us.
  42. Aggressiveness is not a sign of strength, but of great weakness
  43. Sometimes giving in doesn’t mean you’re weak, but on the contrary, that you are the strong one.
  44. “I’d rather be right than happy” is a choice – but is it the best choice?
  45. Instead of judging people’s actions, look at their intentions. It will help understand the other more and be more tolerant too.
  46. ”Coincidence” was a word probably invented by someone who didn’t know how to notice and analyze all the things that have to go right (or wrong) for that “coincidence” to happen. Be aware. Pay attention
  47. The secret of the 80 year olds holding hands while strolling in the park, as well as of life long friendships, lies in continuous and conscious learning and growth. If today we’re a different person than yesterday and tomorrow we’ll be different than today, we can never get bored of our partner and he can never get bored of us… because we’re living with a new person each day. And we have to rediscover each other each moment.
  48. The same applies to 3 friends traveling together for 7 months, seeing each other 24 hours a day, every day, except for toilet breaks 🙂
  49. Best learning comes with genuine listening, with all our senses. There’s a reason why silence is the one associated with wisdom, not talking.
  50. The fantastic person you meet who inspires you greatly… that could be you. Don’t be afraid to watch and learn. That’s how we all better ourselves.
  51. We’re all good people in the end. We should really love each other more.


  1. Ha Dél Amerikába tervzel jönni, Perut és Machu Picchut semmi kép ne hagyd ki.
  2. A sivatagban napközben pólóban és rövidnadrágban érdemes lenni, viszont ha lemegy a nap kell az a kabát ám!
  3. Ha Patagónia felé tartasz figyelj arra, hogy ne tervezz odamenni Junius és Szeptember között.
  4. Rióba mehetsz főszezonban, mikor a Riói karnevál is van (Jan-Feb), de ha el akarod kerülni a tömeget és a tikkasztő hőséget, akkor elkerülöd ezen időszakokat.
  5. Brazíliából eljuthatsz Peruba busszal is. Sao Paulóból megy egy busz 15 naponta Limába 5 nap alatt, megállva a nagyobb városokban (Cuzco 4 nap). Vagy ismét csak Sao Paulobol lehet buszozni Rio Brancoba is (3 nap) és onnan menni Porto Moldonado majd Cuzcóba.
  6. Ha busz jegyet veszel jól ellenőrizd le, hogy kezedben van e a célállomásig szoló jegy és a számlát ne add ki kezedből.
  7. Ha backapackelni mész legyen nálad hálózsák, vagy legalább pléd és egy utazásra kialakított ágynemű, amibe belebújhatsz (travel bedsheet), mert kitudja hol kell majd aludnod.
  8. Ha Patagóniába, vagy olyan helyen backpackelsz, ahol hideg van éjszakánként, mindenkép legyen nálad hálózsák, s ha lehet 800grammos, -11 C és +5 C fok között legyen. Ha ennél vékonyabb, akkor éjszakánként fázni fogsz.
  9. Legyen nálad vízálló és szélfogó kabát kapucnival és nadrág is. Ezeket mind meglehet venni az utazós boltokban, kicsira összetekerhetős válltozatban is.
  10. Pénzedet mind bankkártya, mind travelers cheque, mint USD/EUR formájában tartsd magadnál a biztonság kedvéért.
  11. Pénzt csak bankoknál vegyél föl, de utcai automatáknál, mert így kevesebb az esélye, hogy lemásolják kártyádat és ellopják pénzedet.
  12. Ha iPhonod, vagy hasonló mindent tudó telefonod van, az nagyon hasznos tud lenni, zenehallgatásra, fénykép készítésre, Google Map használatára, s emailjeid olvasására, de jobban kell  rá vigyaznod, mintha egy olcsó és régi telefont és iPodot viszel magaddal.
  13. Laptop rendkívül hasznos, hogy emialjeidet megnézd vagy szörfölj a neten ingyen wifi-s kávézókban és éttermekben, s elengedhetetlen ha estleg könyvet írsz, azonban súlya nagyban megnehezíti csomagodat, s ha 4 hónapnl hosszabban utazol, akkor sokszor elgondolkozol majd, hogyan tudnád valami könnyebb dologra cserélni készülékedet. Ez esetben egy 10 inches laptopot, MacBook Airt, vagy ha teheted egy iPad-et javasolnék a túrára.
  14. Csomagjaid összessége semmikép se legyen több mint 15kg. Ezt elég nehéz lesz megvalósítani, főleg ha laptopal utazol, ami eleve 2-3 kg töltővel együtt, de ha ennél nehezebben pakolsz és tényleg backpackelsz, azaz csomagodat a hátadon cipeled majd minden nap, akkor nagyon hamar azt fogod keresni, mit hagyhatnál hátra.
  15. Mikor backpackelsz, nem egy Taff reklámban szerepelsz, szóval lesznek rossz haj napok is. Annyit tehetsz csupán, mithogy elfogadod és boldogan lépsz ki az utcára J
  16. Ellenőrizd át minden dokumentumot, mit kapsz háromszor… nem négyszer…
  17. Ha a hegyekben megkérdezed a helyieket, hogy merre kel menni és mennyi időve fog tartani míg odaérsz, minden válszt szoroz meg 3al
  18. Backpackelés közben könnyedén lehet némi zsebpénzhez jutni zenélésből, ékszer készítésből és árulásból, valamint keksz golyó gyártásból.
  19. Ha árulsz valamit, először adj valamit ingyen, így az emberek jobban motiváltabbak, hogy vegyenek vlamit.
  20. Ha egy étel elfogyasztása után azt mondod, hogy amit a legjobban élveztem a tányéron az a hagyma volt, akkor az annaka jele, hogy nem jó az étterem J
  21. Ha nincs filteres teád, ne ilyedj meg, mert a legjob teák ananász héjból, almából, vagy naracshéj és fahéj keverékéből készülnek.
  22. Betervezheted az egész Dél Amerika megnézését 8 hónap alatt, de ekkor igencsak rohanni fogsz.
  23. Egy ország mgnézésére Dél- Amerikában minimum 1 hónap kell, de ha nem akarsz minden 3-5 napban mozogni, akkor kevesebb országot, vagy több időt tervezz
  24. Fermer sort és farmer szoknyát inkább ne rakj be a zsákodba, mert igen nehezek
  25. El tudsz élni hajszárító és epillátor nélkül is
  26. Ruháid legyenek könnyűek és kicsire öszehajthatók
  27. Ha nő vagy ne vegyél 60L-esnél nagyobb táskát. Ideális 50L.
  28. Backpackedet jól válaszd ki, hisz állandó utitársad lesz
  29. Európában remek Quechu dolgokat lehet venni aránylag jó áron
  30. Ha Peru az első célpontod, cuzcóban rengeteg utazós dolgot (kabát, pulcsi, esőkabát, cipő) lehet venni sokkal olcsóbban, mint otthon – igaz nem minden eredeti, de minőségileg nem rosszak
  31. Igenis próbáld ki a helyi, utcai ételeket
  32. Legyél utca okos – ne villogtasd pénzed, kártyád, laptopod, ne viselj aranyat, ne veszítsd táskád 1 pillnatra se szem elől
  33. Ne mérgelődj, ha a buszok/hajók/emberek késnek
  34. Élvezd mindazt, amit a sors hoz!!!
  35. soha ne izgulj!

What being on the road has taught us (I)

  1. The most memorable experiences from the many countries we’ve been to are all to do with the people we were with or met, not with the places we’ve seen, no matter how incredible they were. Life is all about the people. Not about the “where”, but the “who”.
  2. The public opinion might be “public”, but it’s still just an opinion. Don’t let it rule your feelings and life.
  3. Envy is a great thing! It’s a sign that we want to better our own life and our own self. It turns into venom when it’s being kept at the level of gossip and blame. Up to us to take it to the level of action and turn it into fulfillment and happiness.
  4. When people around you are happy for something that to you looks stupid, be happy with them. There’s no right or wrong reason for happiness. In fact, there’s no need for a reason at all. Happiness is the one thing always worth celebrating!
  5. You can’t go to a different part of the world with the beliefs and habits from your own and expect to fit in and be just fine. You won’t be just fine, and then you’ll end up blaming it one the part of the world you’re visiting (because obviously you’re not going to blame it on your own rigidity). The smart thing to do is either embrace “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, or just stay home. The world is not ready for your judgments. And you’re not ready for the world.
  6. If you’re not open to other people’s opinions, resume to talking about the weather when in the company of other humans.
  7. We can’t expect others to act as we would or as we do because they just aren’t us – they were brought up with a different set of beliefs, experiences, way of life. So next time you catch yourself saying “I would never do that”, suspend that judgment and remember … that’s not you!
  8. In fact, you’d have conflicts with the world even it were made of 7 billion exact copies of you, because so many times you don’t even agree with your own actions.
  9. People talk because they have a mouth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are using their brain (properly). Don’t take it personally, you’re only hurting yourself.
  10. People do change, and that’s a fact. They might not change in the direction we want them to, or in the respects we want them to, but they change. Even you do. Do you think and behave the same as you did when you were 5? 10? 15? I hope not! (Most of us don’t, at least). That means you have changed. You’re not even the same as yesterday… If we were to stop and analyze our change at the end of each day, we’d be fascinated.
  11. We’ve been programmed by nature to function best in pairs/groups. Even those of us who want to consider ourselves anti social. Even those of us who are anti social. Proof: the way we perpetuate as a species. If procreation could happen within one individual, we’d then know we don’t need others to make others.
  12. Yet, with all this knowledge and natural programming, we are so worried about our bank accounts that we are ignoring our relationship accounts. Are humans insane then, I ask? When have we gone insane, I ask?
  13. A wise friend, who is now in Heaven, once told me “Iunia, nobody likes the smart kid in class”. If we think we know everything, we don’t. If we get to the point when we start choosing being right over having happy relationships… boy, we’re in trouble!
  14. Just because someone says “No” doesn’t mean everyone will. It also does not mean it’s about you. It also does not mean they will not say “yes” tomorrow. Don’t take “No”s personally.
  15. People’s anger makes them do horrible things which have nothing to do with you. Don’t take it personally.
  16. Don’t take it personally.
  17. Have I mentioned not to take it personally?
  18. We all influence each other’s lives all the time. Someone making a T-shirt in China impacts your life because you wear it and feel a certain way about it too. Someone’s life in Africa is impacted by the grain of rice you donate. The smile the shop assistant gives you brightens your day. The smile you give to the shop assistant creates ripples, as she’ll be passing it on to other customers. We make a difference all around, all the time!
  19. When going in a new relationship, no matter the nature, the other person is as scared as you are.
  20. Thinking is a very complex process. Don’t expect everyone to be proficient at it, and have compassion towards those who are not. Help out.
  21. Releasing the people you hate from your mind will give you back the energy to live your own life. Think about it, when you’re so busy hating, blaming and thinking of others… who’s living your own life?
  22. We have family all over the world. We just don’t know it yet.
  23. The best way to make a problem or misunderstanding dissolve is to discuss it with the person we think is causing it. If we put the stinky cheese under the table it will stink up the whole place, but if we put in on the table next to a couple of biscuits and a quality red wine, we get ourselves a heavenly snack. If there’s only one thing you remember from this whole list, please let it be this!
  24. If the people around you are spoiling your mood or making you feel a certain way, you’re giving them too much power. Take it back and create your own mood and feeling.
  25. Life is so exciting and interesting… yet there are so many people out there suffering from a very heavy disease: that of seeing only the sh.t in life. These people are very, very dangerous… they will try to smear some of that stuff on your life too, so they’re not alone in their misery. You must have none of that! If you can’t help them, run for your life!
  26. Accept all compliments you receive with a smile. Otherwise they will stop coming. And offer genuine compliments to others, with a smile. Otherwise you will become bitter.
  27. Sometimes a discussion we dread or a person we dislike can give us the most powerful ideas, insights and realisations. Suspend judgment. Pay attention.
  28. Some people will be disappointed with the decisions you make. If that’s the case, they should start focusing more on living their own lives instead of living yours. At the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with the decision taken… and who do you live for?As Oriah so beautifully said in her poem The Invitation, “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself”.
  29. Can you?
  30. Many times, what we think other think of us is not what they think of us at all. But our acting as a result of that belief might actually make them think that way later.
  31. When we find ourselves upset or irritated by something or someone, it’s time to remember life is a mirror and take it as a sign to look inside – something needs to be brought to our awareness and healed. If we’re irritated by someone’s selfishness, we’re given a powerful message that we need to work on our own. And even if we think we’re altruistic, we should think of it as a scale: if we’re at 7 on a scale with the ends “0 =selfish” and “10 = altruistic”, this is our chance to push ourselves up to 10.
  32. Trusting in another can be such a scary endeavor… but the more we practice it, the better we get at it. And we’ll discover it’s…oh, so worth it!
  33. Sometimes a sentence or even a word at the right time from the right person can change a perspective forever. And a new perspective can change a life. Might even be yours.
  34. You being a victim only causes those around you to suffer. Nobody owes you anything, so why make others pay for your inability to deal with your own life? Don’t be selfish, take responsibility for your own life and let others live theirs. It’s only fair.
  35. We are all attracted to balanced and wholesome people, they are the ones whose company we seek and enjoy. Nobody likes victims, except other victims and new aggressors. So don’t be one. You deserve better.
  36. Being an adult doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. It just means you’re now allowed to pretend you do
  37. Flexibility is not an option anymore. It’s the one thing that will keep you sane in times of great change.
  38. Choose “living” over “thinking about living”. It’s much more exciting!
  39. Rules and customs are made by people. Use your common sense before following or breaking them and before judging others for doing so.
  40. The world is how it is today because we keep telling our children to be a “good girl” and a “good boy”. And then give them stupid definitions of what that means. If we were to tell them to be “themselves” instead, the world might be a completely different place. It’s not too late!
  41. When we think there’s no more hope, hope will come knocking dressed up as a stranger’s smile. That stranger might even be you. Smile more, it’s really worth it!
  42. Having a vision is a must. Making plans is obsolete. As the word goes, “How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans”. Now more than ever.
  43. Confidence does not come with age, but with wisdom. And unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) wisdom doesn’t come with age either, but with the development of the ability to learn from life.
  44. The receiving always comes after/with giving. If we don’t see it is because we choose not to notice it.
  45. Dreams really do come true. If you don’t believe in that, you don’t believe in your dreams enough.
  46. Sometimes, the people who don’t seem are the ones who are.
  47. Aniche – the law of impermanence. Whatever situation you find yourself in, remember that this too shall pass, be it good or bad. That way you can keep your objectivity, realism, balance. Sanity. Aniche.
  48. Whatever our beliefs about the universe, life and death… we only choose them because we want to make ourselves feel a certain way. No point in disagreeing with another then, because we all choose to believe what makes us feel good. In reality nobody cares what you think, just as, honestly, you don’t really care what others think. Unless you’re looking for a confirmation or an answer that will make you feel better.
  49. Fear of the unknown and judgment of others are the most common things keeping us from experiencing life and people to their fullest. Fear of judgment is another. In all cases we’re the ones who lose. Majorly.
  50. Sometimes the best experiences are those that did not happen as planned. We could learn to appreciate surprises more.

100 things we did in the past 10 months. In 7 countries

  1. Climbed an active volcano in Chile
  2. Swam with the pink dolphins in the jungles of Bolivia
  3. Went in search of anacondas
  4. Looked a piranha in the face and told it “bite me!” (which it almost did btw…)
  5. Slept in a salt hotel. Meaning a hotel made of salt. For real.
  6. Spent 36 hours on a ferry to the “End of the world”. Gained a whole new perspective on sea sickness.
  7. Flew over Patagonia in a 20 people plane and managed not to cry or throw up
  8. Had a chat with the sea wolves in Chile
  9. Sand boarded in the most arid desert in the world
  10. Climbed Wayna Picchu, the peak seen in most Machu Picchu pictures
  11. Meditated inside the sacred Inka Monastery, the Machu Picchu
  12. Ate a dish of pasta and potatoes, with rice on a side – Peru
  13. Picked cocoa fruit, oranges and mangoes straight from the respective trees
  14. Built Eco houses in an Eco Yoga Park in Argentina
  15. Spend special days with an outstanding Inca Priest
  16. Rode a horse through hundreds of years old forests in Argentina
  17. Almost got robbed in Montevideo
  18. Walked the streets of Uruguay with a mate cup in one hand and a thermos in the other – the real Uruguayan way
  19. Spend 10 days in silent meditation in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Buddhist meditation retreat)
  20. Gained a complete perspective change on the favelas in Rio de Janeiro
  21. Numbed our legs while samba-ing at the rehearsals of one of the best samba schools in Rio de Janeiro
  22. Ate too much street food
  23. Ate more pizza in two months that in our entire life up to that point – Argentina
  24. Drank more great wine in two months than in our entire life up to that point – Argentina
  25. Made friends with a monkey in Bolivia – well, at least until she managed to steal all the food we had brought her
  26. Petted our first baby llama and baby sloth. The sloth winked at us. I swear it did.
  27. Had Inka Cola and Chicha (Peruvian corn “beer”)
  28. Visited the most famous silver mine in South America
  29. By the Lake Titikaka I set and wept
  30. Marveled at the graciousness of pink flamingos in Chile and Bolivia
  31. Had a bath in a hot pool in the largest geyser field in South America. 8am, -7 degrees.
  32. Patagonia, we were invited by the ferry captain up in his cabin, then given a personal tour of Puerto Toro, the Southern most inhabited point on planet Earth
  33. Stared and stared at Perrito Moreno, Argentina’s gorgeous blue glacier
  34. Finally experienced being served wine and champagne for dinner on a bus – Argentina
  35. Saw the unbelievable: 1kg bread 37 pesos, 1L wine 30 pesos in Uruguay
  36. While staring at Casa Rosa in Buenos Aires, saw Evita in my mind’s eye giving her famous speech from the famous balcony
  37. Went to the circus in the capital of Paraguay
  38. Walked through beautiful Jesuit ruins in Paraguay
  39. Got drenched in the Iguazu Falls
  40. Got a close look at the huge Jesus hugging Rio de Janeiro from up the hill
  41. Fell in love with Brazilian feijao, acai and caipirinha
  42. Paid 1USD to enter the public toilet on Ipanema beach in Rio
  43. Became addicted to beach volleyball on Copacabana beach
  44. Were escorted by fire flies out of the largest urban forest in the world
  45. Partied and samba-ed the nights away, Brazilian style
  46. Attended our first ever bull fight
  47. First ever Andean baptism
  48. Made and sold truffles on the streets of Peru
  49. Took part in a Temazcal (sweat lodge) and fire ceremonies in a Tipi
  50. Bathed in waterfalls
  51. Managed an impressive 93 mosquito bites in 3 days. With repellent constantly covering our skin, that was.
  52. Visited the people living on the floating islands on Lake Titikaka
  53. Had a picnic on an island full of cacti, in the middle of a salt desert
  54. Said “hi” to the largest rodent in the world. Then “bye”. Quickly.
  55. Sat next to people who were savoring a guinea pig in Peru. Fought hard to keep our own food in.
  56. Spent 60 hours straight on a bus crossing Brazil from East to West. Yes, we did shower during that trip.
  57. Spent 28 hours on a bus that was supposed to take 16. No, we didn’t shower during that one. We also managed not to kill ourselves either.
  58. Found pink flamingos feathers by colorful lagoons
  59. Drank Tsunamis in Chile and Submarinos in Argentina
  60. Exchanged stories with the papacho selling churros by the road side in the Sacred Valley of Peru
  61. Entered 2012 around a fire with beautiful people and a crazy dog, under the fabulous star filled sky and in the sweet sounds of accordion, guitar, drums and divine voices
  62. Woke up at 4 am for 10 consecutive days… and meditated
  63. Had the greatest conversations… with ourselves
  64. Slided on slides made of rocks, in the middle of Incan ruins
  65. Had lunch on the floor of the bus station in Sao Paolo…
  66. … and caught a guy red handed slowly walking away with my small backpack
  67. Wore the most non matching outfits and colors and did not care about it for one second
  68. Had a band rehearsal on Christmas night
  69. Ate raw fish soaked in lemon, with crispy corn and sweet potato
  70. Bowed in front of the birth place of the Sun God, on the Sun Island in Lake Titikaka
  71. Barbecued vegetables and burnt them beyond recognition. Three times.
  72. Danced our socks away with some hundreds of Brazilians at a concert of the famous Celebrare
  73. Out of the 10 months on the road, we spent 4 as guests
  74. Mountain biked on an actual mountain
  75. Ran after a donkey down a mountain for 2 hours, on a trail that normally takes 4
  76. Bought flowers from an old lady and shared them with a whole train going to Machu Picchu.
  77. Got one of our bags stolen on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro
  78. Experienced 2 earthquakes in Chile
  79. Petted a dog, cat, cow, pig, donkey, horse, llama… and a sloth 😀
  80. Became fans of the “poor’s food” in Chile – the best salmon we ever had was “a la pobre”
  81. Haven’t combed our hair for… lets say, a very long time
  82. Managed to not buy anything except for food for 8 full months (well, except for socks to keep our toes from freezing in Patagonia)
  83. Traveled on a bus together with mosquitoes, a dragonfly and a grasshopper – all at the same time
  84. Spent 5 days in the world’s highest capital – LaPaz, 3650m
  85. Swam in the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titikaka
  86. Managed to wear the same 6 T-shirts for 10 months
  87. And realized you don’t really need more than 6 T-shirts, 1 pullover, 2 pants, 4 socks and one pair of old shoes to wander the world and be happier than ever
  88. Slept in almost 100 different beds… couches, floors, tents, buses, planes, ferries.
  89. Showered in almost 100 showers (many cold ones, mostly at winter time), and we had a bathtub once. Once!
  90. Packed our backpacks at least 150 times
  91. Slept in our sleeping bags almost 100 times
  92. Ate avocado for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between meals, with cheese, or cheese spread, or tomatoes or fruit salad or just by itself
  93. Made life long friends
  94. Met incredible teachers every step of the way
  95. Recognised that the 3 of us have been sisters and brother for a long time
  96. Fell in love, multiple times
  97. Ate fresh popcorn with butter and drank tea with rum in front of our tent, near a lagoon at 4200 meters high
  98. Visited 7 Countries and over 50 cities
  99. Had the time of our lives…
  100. Smiled, laughed, cried, ate, prayed, loved, learned, danced, jumped, marveled, glowed, wrote,  enjoyed, understood, accepted, thanked. Lived.

100 dolog, amit az elmult 10 hónapban csináltunk 7 országban

  1. Megmásztunk egy még mindig aktív vulkánt Chilében
  2. Rózsaszín delfinekkel úsztunk a bolíviai dzsungelben
  3. Anakonda után kutattunk
  4. Egy piranha szemeibe néztünk, s azt mondtuk „most harapj meg” (amit az majdnem meg is tett)
  5. Só hotelban aludtunk, ami egy hotelt jelent sóból. De most tényleg.
  6. 36 órát töltöttünk egy kompon, hogy eljussunk a „világ végére”. Ahol új értelmet nyert a tengeri betegség.
  7. Elszálltunk Patagónia felett egy 20 személyes géppel, és sikerült nem sírni, vagy hányni
  8. Elbeszélgettünk a rozmárokkal Chilében
  9. Homok bordoztunk a világ legszárazabb sivatagában
  10. Megmásztuk Wayna Picchu-t, a hegycsúcsot a Machu Picchu képek hátterében
  11. Meditáltunk a szent Inka kolostor falai között, Machu Picchu
  12. Ettünk egy ételt, ami krumpliból, tésztából és rizsből állt – Peru
  13. Szedtünk kakaó-t, narancsot és mangót a fájukról
  14. ECO házat építettünk az ECO Yoga Parkban Argentínában
  15. Különleges napokat töltöttünk el egy kiemelkedő Inka pappal
  16. Lovagoltunk többszáz éves erdőben Argentínában
  17. Majdnem ki lettünk rabolva Montevideóban
  18. Uruguay utcáin sétálltunk egy mate pohárral az egyik kezünkben és egy termosszal a másikban – igazi uruguay-i módra
  19. 10 napot töltöttünk Peru Szent völgyében egy néma meditációs programon (Buddhista meditációs program)
  20. Teljes világképet válltoztattunk a riói favellák látogatása után
  21. Zsibbadásig táncoltuk a lábunkat az egyik leghíresebb samba iskola próbáján Rióban
  22. Túl sok utcai kaját ettünk
  23. Több pizzát ettünk 2 hónap alatt, mint egész életünkben addig a pontig – Argentína
  24. Több isteni bort ittunk 2 hónap alatt, mint egész életünkben addig a pontig – Argentína
  25. Barátságot kötöttünk egy majommal Bolíviában – legalábbis addig, míg meg nem ette az összes neki hozott ennivalót
  26. Babusgattuk életünk első bébi llámáját és bébi lajhárját. A lajhár még kacsintott is ránk. De tényleg kacsintott.
  27. Ittunk Inka Kólát és Chicha-t (perui kukorica sör)
  28. Meglátogattuk Dél-Amerika leghíresebb ezüst bányáját
  29. A Titikaka Tó partján ültünk és könnyeztünk
  30. Ámultunk a rózsaszin flamingók kecsességén Bolíviában és Chilében
  31. Megmártóztunk egy medencében Dél-Amerika legnagyobb gejzír mezőjén – reggel 8kor, -7fok
  32. Patagóniában a komp kapitány felhívott minket a kabinba aztán egy személyesen vezetett minket körbe Puerto Toro-n, a világ legdélebben lakott településén
  33. Bámultuk és bámultuk perrito Moreno-ra, Argentína híres kék gleccserére
  34. Végre megtapasztalhattuk ahogy bort és pezsgőt szolgálnak fel egy távolsági buszon Argentínában
  35. Láttuk a hihetetlent: 1kg kenyér 37 Peso, 1L bor 30 Peso Uruguayban
  36. Amíg a Casa Rosára bámultunk Buenos Airesben, lelki szemeink előtt láttuk, ahogy Evita a híres balkoniról, a híres beszédjét mondja
  37. Paraguay fővárosában cirkuszba mentünk
  38. Gyönyörű Jezsuita romok között sátéllgattunk Paraguayban
  39. Eláztunk az Iguazu Vízesés alatt
  40. Közelről megnéztük, ahogy a hatalmas Jézus öleli Rió de Janeirót
  41. Beleszerettünk a Brazíliai feijao-ba, acai-ba és caipiranha-ba
  42. 1USD-t fizettünk a WC használatért a riói Ipanema tengerparton
  43. Strandröplabda függővé válltunk Copacabana-n Rióban
  44. Szentjános bogarak kisértek ki minket a világ legnagyobb városi erdejéből, Rio
  45. Partiztunk és sambáztunk reggelig Brazil módra
  46. Résztvettünk életünk első bika viadalán
  47. Első andoki keresztelésén
  48. Kekszgolyókat készítettünk és árultunk a perui utcákon
  49. Résztvettünk egy Temazcalon (izzadó sátor) és tűz szertartásokon Tipiben
  50. Vízesések alatt fürödtünk
  51. Sikerült 93 szúnyogcsípést szerezni 3 nap alatt, állandó szúnyogriasztó használata mellett a bolíviai dzsungelben
  52. Meglátogattuk a Titikak Tón élő, úszó sziget lakóit
  53. Piknikeztünk egy kaktuszokkal teli szigeten a bolíviai sósivatag közepén
  54. Köszöntünk a világ legnagyobb rágcsálójának, aztán gyorsal el is köszöntünk
  55. Olyanok mellett ültünk egy étteremben, akik épp tengeri malacot falatoztak. Hát, nehéz volt a mi ennivalónkat lent tartani…
  56. 60 órát töltöttünk egy buszon Brazília Keleti részéről Nyugatra. Igen, zuhanyoztunk útközben.
  57. Eltöltöttünk 28 órát egy buszon, ami csak 16 kellett volna, hogy legyen. Nem, eközben nem zuhanyoztunk.
  58. Rózsaszín flamingó tollat találtunk színes tavak mellett
  59. Ittunk Tsunamit Chilében és Tengeralatjárót Argentínában
  60. Sztorizgattunk egy papachóval aki az út szélén churrost árult a Szent Völgyben Peruban
  61. 2012őt a csodálatos csillaggal teli égbolt alatt, tűz körül egy csapat gyönyőrű emberrel és egy őrült kutyával köszöntöttük, míg gitár, dobok és isteni hangok édes dallamát hallgattuk
  62. 4kor keltünk 10 egymás követő napon… és meditáltunk
  63. A legjobb beszélgetéseket ejtettük meg… magunkkal
  64. Kőcsúzdákon csúzdáztunk Inka romok között
  65. A Sao Paulói buszmegálló földjén ülve ebédeltünk…
  66. … s közben rajtakaptunk egy fickót, aki ép Iunia kis hátizsákját emeli el.
  67. A leg össze nem illő ruhákat és színeket hordtuk, s le se sz…tuk
  68. Kis rögtönzött zenekarunkkal próbáltunk karácsonykor
  69. Nyers halat ettünk, 5 percig citrom lében áztatva, ropogós kukoricával és édes krumplival
  70. A Nap Isten szülőhelye előtt tisztelegtünk a Nap Szigeten a Titikaka Tónál
  71.  Zöldségeket grilleztünk és felismeretlenségig égettük őket…  háromszor.
  72. Letáncoltuk a lábunkat többszáz Brazillal a híres Celebrare koncertjén
  73. 10 hónapból 4et vendégként töltöttünk
  74. Mountainbikeoztunk egy igazi mountain-en, hegyen
  75. Egy csacsi után rohantunk lefelé a hegyről 2 órán keresztül olyan úton, ami normálisan 4et vesz igénybe
  76. Virágot vettünk egy öreg nénitől, majd megosztottuk őket az egész vonattal a Machu Picchura menet
  77. Ellopták egyik táskánkat az Ipanema tnegerparton Rio De Janeiroban
  78. Átéltünk 2 földrengést Chilében
  79. Szeretgettünk macskát, kutyát, tehenet, csacssit, lovat, llámát és lajhárt is
  80. Rajongói lettünk a ’szegényel ételének’ Chilében – a legjobb lazac, amit valaha ettünk ’szegényes’ módra készült
  81. Nem fésülködtünk …. hát mondjuk azt… sokáig
  82. Kibirtuk, hogy ne vegyünk semmit 8 egész hónapig kivéve ennivalót (na jó meg zoknit Patagóniában)
  83. Együtt utaztunk egy buszon szúnyogokkal, egy szitakötővel és egy szöcskével – mind egy időben
  84. 5 napot töltöttünk a világ legmagasabb fővárosában, La Pazban 3650m – 4000m
  85. Úsztunk a világ legmagasabb hajózható tavában, Lake Titikaka 3300m
  86. Kibírtuk, hogy ugyanazt az 6 pólót hordjuk 10 hónapig
  87. S rájöttünk, hogy nem igazán van szükséged többre, na meg 1 pulcsira, 2 nadrágra, 4 zoknira és egy öreg cipőre, amiben boldogan flangálhatod körbe a világot
  88. Majdnem 100 különböző helyen aludtunk… ágyban, heverőn, matracon, sátorban, buszon, hajón, repülőn és a földön
  89. Közel 100 különböző zuhanyzóban zuhanyoztunk (közülük sok hideg vízzel és télen) s még egyszer kádunk is volt. Egyszer!
  90. Közel 150szer pakoltuk ki és be a táskánkat
  91. Közel 100szor aludtunk a hálózsákunkban
  92. Avokádót ettünk, regglire, ebédre, vacsorára és eközben, sajttal vagy sajtkrémmel vagy paradicsommal vagy gyümölcssalátával vagy csak magában
  93. Életre szóló barátságokat kötöttünk
  94.  Különleges tanárokkal találkoztunk akármerre is mentünk
  95.  Felismertük, hogy hárman már nővérek és bátyok vagyunk már nagyon rég óta
  96. Szerelembe estünk… többször is
  97. Friss popcornt ettünk vajjal mellé rumos teát, mindez 4200m magason egy hegyi tónál a sátrunk előtt
  98. Meglátogattunk 7 országot és több, mint 50 várost
  99. Életünk legboldogabb idejét töltöttük
  100. Nevettünk, mosolyogtunk, sírtunk, ettünk, imátkoztunk, szerettünk, tanultunk, táncoltunk, ugrottunk, bámultunk, ragyogtunk, írtunk, megértettünk, elfogadtunk, gondolkodtunk és élveztük. Éltünk…

Thoughts after 10 months of being a bum (a.k.a backpacker)

10 months we were on the road together, the 3 of us together. We laughed, we cried and we learned together, we grew, we understood, we accepted, we thanked. And now it’s time to move on, towards a new (in fact old, both for us and in itself) continent. The end of this experience is the beginning of another: HOME! “Mixed feelings” doesn’t begin to cover it.

For the past 10 months we have slept in more than 100 beds…couches, mattresses, floors, tents, buses, boats, planes. Eaten at more than 500 tables. Have moved by means of plane, bus, jeep, car, bicycle, horse, tuk-tuk, minivan, boat, ferry, train, metro, own two feet, big bus, small bus, fancy bus, 100-years-old bus, motorcycle, lifts.

Out of the 10 months, we were guests for 4.

We spent a week in the company of an Inca Priest, went to church for Easter with very Catholic Chileans and then spent 3 weeks in a Hari Krishna Yoga Park. We meditated in silence for 10 days during a Buddhist meditation retreat, then spent 2 months in Peru with healers, shamans and people following the Mayan Calender.

We stopped being tourists fairly early, and instead became world travelers (the main distinction between the two, as I see it, is that the first experience things mainly with their eyes and mind, while the latter find their heart transformed). That is just who we are and will be. For now though, a big stage is about to end, and another one about to begin. There is uncertainty all around, but one thing we know for sure: we are so grateful for the experience and support we have been offered for the past 10 months, and for all the incredible people we have in our lives, regardless of distance and place. Thank you!!

So… are we afraid of going home?

I’m speaking for myself now, but Boca’s feelings are quite similar. The word is “scared shitless”!

I left home four years ago for a one year experience in Singapore, because experiencing Asia was something I just had to “get out of my system” before “settling down”. Now, four years later, I am aware that traveling, exploring and discovering are some things I will never “get out of my system”. That it’s not a hobby, not a dream, not something on my bucket list. It is instead who I am. It is a part of me, just as I am a part of the same world I am dying to explore. Getting to know it helps me know myself more, and getting to understand myself more helps me understand the world more. A mutual relationship that I found really works (for me).

Do I know what’s waiting for me once I get home? Not a clue! Well, that’s not entirely true, some things I can already see in my mind’s eye: legions of extended family members, smiling ear to ear “you’re finally home, we’ve been waiting for you since…” (the truth is probably since the day after I left). Lots of friends, old and not so old, some I will easily reconnect with, some I will never quite be on the same “wave length” with again. People with lots of opinions about my experience, about what I should be doing next, about my life. MY life, that is.

Probably that’s what will happen. Definitely. Maybe.

Scared shitless I said… so what am I afraid of?

  • That I won’t be able to reconnect with my old friends. That we’ve all grown a lot in the past four years, and we’ve grown at different speeds and in different directions.
  • That I won’t be able to easily find new friends who share my view of the world and life, people who think the same and live their lives according to more or less the same principles as I do.
  • That my family members (grandmothers and aunts being the champions at this) will continue not to understand why I can’t just be a “normal child” and live my life the way I “should” live it: settling down in my own house, nailing a “stable” job (little do they know that “stable job” is pretty much an oxymoron these days), finding a husband, a good man they’d approve of, then having a couple of kids because “I want to know my grandchildren before I go”.
  • That people will judge me, look down on me or up to me, not understand where I’m coming from and where I’m headed
  • That the guy at my favorite groceries store will not even remember me, let alone recognize me.
  • That I have forgotten all the shortcuts and traffic-free streets and I’ll spend half of my life from now on being lost in my own city, and the other half stuck in traffic.
  • That it will not be easy to find the support I need for what I wish to accomplish next
  • That people will think I’m a freak and will throw tomatoes at my window.
  • That, as my mom says, “all the good guys are slowly taken”.
  • That I will function on Latin American time. “Oh, the show starts at 7? Ok, shall be there by 9”
  • That I’ll start bargaining with taxi drivers
  • That I will go to the market to buy lunch, or will look for it by the road side… and upon not finding it, shout at the top of my lungs in desperation “Where are all the mamachas????”

So… is that enough to keep me from going home?

Not a chance! I’ve never known it more strongly in my bones. This is it, and the time is now:).

What am I most excited about?

  • A room/kitchen/bathroom/place to call my own
  • Driving!!!
  • My big soft fluffy towel. The pink one.
  • Having a closet!! A c…l…o…s…e…t…
  • Perfuuuuuuume
  • My cellphone actually ringing
  • Lipstick! Oh, lipstick!
  • My grandma’s pancakes whenever my heart desires
  • My high heel shoes. Oh… Lord, I will never complain again…
  • Going to a theater play or a concert with friends
  • A shower that is sure to supply me with hot water until the end
  • Making omelet with my dad
  • Going shopping with my mom
  • Watching some Romanian TV shows (especially the really crappy ones… or maybe not:p)
  • Going to my favorite tea place and sinking in a book
  • Endless laughing nights with those close at heart

 From Boca: I wanted to read the post, to make some changes, add on some things, but the only thing I see or feel differently is that I am not so much looking forward to see Romanian TV, rather Hungarian J otherwise, my sis said all perfectly!

Conclusions after these 10 months?

Only one – life really is how we make it.
So be it! Amen! Arie! Aho! Haiaia!

Gracias a todos, love you always!!

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Gondolatok 10 hónap hátizsákos utazó lét után

10 hónapig voltunk úton együtt, hárman együtt. Nevetünk, sírtunk és tanultunk is együtt, feljődtünk, megértettünk, elfogadtunk és hálát adtunk. De most eljött az idő, hogy tovább lépjünk, egy új (vagyis igazából egy régi mind nekünk, mind önmagában) kontinens felé. Eme élmény vége egyben a kezdete egy újnak: OTTHON! „Összezavarodott, s vegyes érzések” nem is elég, hogy kifejezzük amit érzünk.

Az elmúlt 10 hónapban több, mint 100 ágyban aludtunk… kanapékon, matracokon, vagy csak a földön, sátrakban, buszokon, repülőkön s még hajókón is. Több, mint 500 asztalról ettünk. Utaztunk repülővel, busszal, terepjáróval, autóval, biciklivel, lóval, tuk-tukkal, kisbusszal, hajóval, komppal, metróval, vonattal, a saját 2 lábunkon, drága busszal, olcsó busszal, nagy busszal és kicsivel, újjal és 100 évessel is, motorral, s lifttel…

A 10 hónapból 4et vendégként töltöttük.

Egy hetet töltöttünk egy Inka pap társaságában Peruban, Húsvétkor egy Katolikus templomban ünnepeltünk Chilében, 3 hetet töltöttünk egy Hare Krishna Yoga Parkban Argentínában, majd smét Peruban egy 10 napos néma Buddhista meditációs táborban voltunk, ezek után 2 hónapot töltöttünk gyógyítókkal, sámánokkal és emberekkel akik a Maya kalendáriumot követik.

Megszüntünk tursiták lenni elég korán, s helyette Világ Utazókká válltunk (különbség a kettő között szerintünk, hogy az első csak a szemével, s eszével érzékeli a világot, a második emellett a szívével). Egyszerűen csak ezek vagyunk, s leszünk is. Egyenlőre egy nagyobb része a végéhez közeledik, s egy másik éppen csak kezdődik. Ami körül vesz minket az a nagy bizonytalanság, de 1 dolgot biztosra tudunk: kimondhatatlanul hálásak vagyunk az élményért, s a segítségért, amit az elmut 10 hónapban kaptunk, s minden csodálatos emberért, akik az életünk része távolság és hely ellenére. Köszönjük!


Akkor… félünk e haza menni?

Kimondhatatlanul. Ugye most sokan kérdezhetik, hogy dehát ez volt az életed 4 évig, hogy új helyekre menj és szokatlan szituációkban találd föl magad. Akkor hazaköltözni miért más? Hisz az ráadásul nem is új vagy szokatlan? Ez az otthonod?

Igen ám, de 4 év alatt sokat válltozik az ember. Olyan dolgokat tapasztaltam, olyan dolgokon mentem keresztül, melyeket mások egy életen keresztül élnek át, vagy még akkor sem. Megváltoztam. S a világ is megválltozott. Már nem ugyan az a Boca és nem ugyanaz a Magyarország fog majd kezet hazatéréskor.

Persze a szerncse az, hogy tudom ki vagyok, s tudom mit akarok. Mit akrok az élettől és a következő 1-3 évtől. Szabad akaratomból térek haza nem azért mert nincs más választásom. Én EZT választottam, s tudom miért! Terveimet ésszel és szívvel is eldöntöttem. Persze ezek a tervek sokaknak majd furcsák, avagy kivitelezhetetlenek lesznek, s tudom, hogy mindenki bőkezűen fogja osztogatni tanácsait, hogy mit igen, s mit ne tegyek…

Szóval félek… de mitől?

  • Hogy régi barátaimmal már nem fogjuk megtalálni a közös hangot. Hogy nem élrtenek majd meg, s én sem fogom őket megérteni. Hogy az évek során külön irányba fejlődtünk, s nincs már az a híd ami összeköt majd minket.
  • Hogy nem fogok könnyek új barátokra lelni, akik egy hullám hosszon vannak velem, akik ugyan úgy gondolkodnak, mint én.
  • Hogy családom, s barátaim nem fogják érteni, hogy miért nem tudok én is csak beállni a mókuskerékbe, s mint minden rendes ember rögtön elmenni egy akármilyen céghez, csak, hogy pénzt keressek.
  • Hogy nem lesz türelmem a magyar valósághoz.
  • Hogy az emberek el fognak majd ítélni nézeteim és hiteim miatt.
  • Hogy eltévedek majd a Pesti avagy az otthoni utcákon.
  • Hogy nem találok majd könnyen támogatást, hogy terveimet véghez vigyem.
  • Hogy alkudozni fogok a taxisokkal és a piaci árusokkal.
  • Hogy le akarom inteni a buszt az úton.
  • Hogy a piacra megyek majd ebédért
  • Hogy túl Latin Amerikai avagy Szingapúri lettem az évek alatt (Anyukám már így is mondja, hogy nem érti, ahogy beszélek…)


Szóval… akkor ez elég, hogy ne menjek haza?

Semmi esetre sem! Valami belső késztetés mondja már vagy 2 éve, hogy térjek haza egy időre, s otthon válltsam valóra terveimet. S eme belső érzés erősebb minden félelemnél.


S mit várok a legjobban?

  • A szobámat
  • Tiszta fürdőszobát
  • Magyar ételeket
  • Hogy végre kipakolhassam a ruháimat egy SZEKRÉNYbe J
  • Rendes törülközőt
  • Túró rudit
  • Egy hajvágást
  • Kedvenc naracssárga cipőmet
  • Hogy ismét csörögjön a 10 hónapig nem használt telefonom
  • Anya palacsintáját
  • Hogy ne kelljen attól tartani, hogy elfogy a melegvíz, vagy csak simán a víz, míg zuhanyzom
  • Főzni, s vásárolni anyukámmal
  • Magyar tévét nézni
  • Együtt tölteni a hétvégét apával, mamával
  • A magyar humoron kacarászni
  • Hogy együtt játszak a kishugommal
  • S átmulatni újabb északákat a régi barátokkal


Konklúzió 10 hónap után
Csak egy – az élet tényleg olyan, amilyenné mi tesszük.
Így legyen! Arie! Aho! Haiaiai! Áman!

Köszönet mindenkinek, szeretlek titeket!