Starting with the beginning :)

I always say this whole traveling business is something in my genes, as both my father and my grandmother were forever fond of going places. Not sure how accurate that actually is, but since I really feel I was born a traveler, I do my best to stay true to my identity.

University years were the time for me to explore Europe, and immediately after graduation I had to answer to the calling of Mother Asia. I spent 3 years and 3 months there, and loved every minute of it, including the not-so-peachy ones. It was a time of accelerated growth, learning, discovery, adventure, love, friendship, understanding, acceptance, letting go, moving on, laughing and crying, and simply being. It was simply special! The decision to leave that wonderful part of the world was anything but easy, but I knew deep inside it was the right thing to do, the only thing to do. Latin America was waiting…

So on January 17th 2011 I quit my job and did the two things that had to be done before leaving the Eastern continent: finally go see India, a place I had felt a strong connection with ever since childhood, and finally get my parents over to Asia, to see the place where their daughter had spent the last 3 years of her life. After spending 5 incredible weeks in Incredible India on my own and another 3 exploring Cambodia and Thailand with my parents and brother, I was ready for take off on March 17th 2011 – heading towards another magical continent, this time with my dear friend Boca and my brother Silviu.


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