The lady with the flowers and the Rainbow train

Still full of wonderful Machu Picchu energy, we got on the train back to Urubamba. I was seated next to Silviu, listening to some of his music. At some point we stopped to wait for another train coming from the opposite direction. That was when my eyes met this lady:

My first thought was to wonder who actually buys flowers when on a train, in the middle of the mountains. Then I wondered how long she’d been standing there with the two bouquets, for how many hours, for how many trains, for how many days… Then my eyes met her eyes, and my heart stopped for a what it seemed like a minute. I’m not able to express what I felt… I just knew in that moment I HAD to buy flowers from that lady, no matter what. By the time I found the money, the train was getting ready to move, but there was enough time for me to get the flowers, pass her more coins than she had asked for, and see the tears fowing down her cheeks as we were slowly moving away. Her hand was on her heart and my hand was on mine, and I could not believe the kind of happiness such a gesture could produce to both parts. Her face was glowing, and I felt I had wings.

When I set back down, flowers in my lap, I started to open the bouquet. With a knowing look in his eyes, Silviu asked me: “What are you doing?’. He had had the exact same though, so he said: ‘I’ll help you’. And so he went around distributing the flowers to the ladies in the train, bringing incredulos smiles, thank yous and pure joy to what had now become the Rainbow train.

Minutes later, two Chinese ladies approached us. ‘We would like to take a photo with you. We are Chinese writers and we want to write a story about this, what you have done. Yes, write a beautiful story!’.

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