FINALLY arriving at our destination – Cusco

Lima – Cusco was finally our LAST leg on this enourmous journey from Singapore to Cusco. We were so grateful to be on the plane for the last time in many months to come! The flight was uneventful (we were so happy we got muffins on board though), and when we landed we found Carlos and Hermano Tahuro waiting for us with big smiles on their faces, open arms and warm hearts. It was love at first sight, both with them and with the surroundings. We were welcomed by a most beautiful sky, a perfect blue interupted only by puffy little white figures and the colorful peaks of the nearby hills and mountains. We could not believe how pure the air felt and how clear, diverse and perfect the colors around us appeared – every scene seemed an exqusite painting!

After DJ arrived and we made sure everyone around knew she was with us :), we went for our fist Peruvian meal in the heart of town. Oh, the joy when we realised we were in the land of fresh veggies and delicious bread! Our walk around Cusco was sprinkled with ‘Oh’s and ‘Wow’s and ‘Oh my God’s that we simply could not hold back when we met with the sheer magic of the place.

Carlos planned for us to spend the next few nights in Urubamba, at Ninos de Arco Iris – a beautiful place hidden in the middle of amazing vegetation. Definitely not a backpacker place, it is special in that 100% of the profits go to helping a group of Peruvian children get proper nutrition and education. If budget is not your concern, we’d stongly recommed this quiet, magical place that allows for great peace and relaxation, while also helping to make a difference.

When we got to the hotel it was already dark, and ending the night around fire was all we could have wished for at that moment :).

2 responses to “FINALLY arriving at our destination – Cusco

  1. Thank you for making sure everyone knew I was with you guys. 😉 Besitos hermano y hermanas. Chai mi chai! Dianita xox

  2. Sure my dear, you are a crucial part of our experience! love

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