Getting there – via Europe

Our way to Lima included a couple of pitstops, Paris for 3 days and then Amsterdam for one day. We were all coming from Singapore, practically from 25-30 C, so when the pilot said ‘We will be landing in Paris soon. The temperature at the groud is 8C’ I looked at my bare feet and my flip flops in horror. During the 3 days we were there I could never leave the house without 4 layers, but nevertheless our time in Paris was extremely enjoyable and reminded me why Europe too was a great continent. 🙂


After doing some last minute shopping for Peru and buying myself a jacket, I felt ready for the next destination, Amsterdam. The temperature there was 5C, and even my newly bought jacked proved unworthy of preventing my shivering like a leaf. Boca and Silviu didn’t have it easier either. The fact that we had to walk for a couple of hours to find accommodation didn’t help either.

The crisp air, the fantastic cheese, the great sense of humor, the real and delicious bread, the good and cheap wine, the winter clothes, the blond hair, and the 8 Eur breakfast that we had on the bridge, all let us know that we were in Europe. Good end to our Asia adenture, and good beginning to our Latin America one!

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