The Dream – Machu Picchu

Finally the day came for us to see the dream land. Boca and I had been looking at that particular picture for months, and now the time had come to see the real thing. We were up at 5.30am, as we had to catch the morning train, but that was fine by us as no time could have been too early that day.

After the 2hr train ride we had to hop on a bus for another half an hour, and we finally made it up there a bit after 10am. It was raining badly and this was not how we had pictured our encounter with the Inca Monastery. With pure hearts we wished that the rain would stop for a bit and give us time to melt into the surroundings. Incredibly enough, 3 minutes after entering the sacred place we were able to take our rain coats off and smile to the Sun. Even though he was still hiding behind the clouds, we knew he could see us :).

No words and pictures can actually do justice to describing Machu Picchu. If you are aware and open, it’s all about the feelings that flood you as you enter the amazing energy, space, colors. We walked around together for a while, then we took some personal time to connect with the place. Hermano had told us the Machu Picchu was used by the Inca as a kind of a Monastery, where the priests and priestesses would receive their 2 years training. It was interesting trying to picture what the place must have been like with all of them roaming around… :).


A must do while there is climb up the Wayna Picchu, the peak present in the most well known image of the Machu Picchu. We almost didn’t do it, but thanks to Silviu’s determination we all made it up there. The climb should take around 2 hours up and down, and the place closes at 4pm. It’s not a very easy climb, and being above 2500m doesn’t help either, so they do recommed people who are unfit or have heart problems to rather stay away.

They only allow a limited number of people to go up each day, so you’d want to make it there as early as possible and take your time to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

I was impressed by how friendly, loving and encouraging the people returning from the peak were. Hermano Tahuiro explained that the journey up is also a journey of purification, physical, mental, emotional. The climb can be really tough, so you sweat your heart out, feeling tired and maybe angry or discouraged or upset, or close to giving up… but you still push through and reach the glorious peak… and when you get there, you are simply overwhelmed with gratitude, achievement, beauty, glory… purity! No wonder you just feel like smiling, helping and loving everyone on the way down, and after 🙂


2 responses to “The Dream – Machu Picchu

  1. What a beautiful post – I’m going to Peru in July so I’ve been enjoying your Andean adventures – you’ve been to some truly awesome places! Thank you for sharing your journeys, and I look forward to more – great photos too!

    • thank you, i’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in Peru as well! Was reading that you’re trying to quit smoking for that, it would probably help a bit hahaha Let us know if you have any questions in planning your trip 🙂

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