Visiting The Andean Community

When the Spanish first came to these lands, life for the indigenous people became anything but easy. Now, hundreds of years later, it still isn’t. Many of the indigenous people had to move high up into the mountains in order to escape the Spanish; up there they struggled to make a living, and survived mostly on potatoes (as nothing else grows there) and llama meat.

Andean Kids

We visited the school of one of these communities who lives in the Sacred Valley, more than 4000m altitude. The children have to travel great length to get there, and because of the poor nutrition, the people of the community have a very small build – not the same people you imagine putting stone upon stone in Machu Picchu or any of the other impressive constructions done by their ancestors.

Carlos and Giselle have decided to help the community by raising funds to build a kitchen and a greenhouse for the school, so the children would receive a warm nutritious meal at least once a day. It’s been functional for a few years now, and everyone takes much pride in it.

We shared a meal with the kids and listened to their singing, laughing, playing. Conditions most of us would consider harsh to say the least, yet so much excitement in their voices, so much joy in their eyes…

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