Overnight at Taquile – no lights and heat, but lotsa love and laughter!

The last night of the Journey we spent on Taquile, one of the larger islands on Lake Titikaka. There are 6 communities living on that island, and we stayed with Elias and his family.

They served us the most delicious lunch, and it was the first time after 3 months of complete vegetarianism that I ate fish again. It was trout, and my first reaction after looking at my plate and looking around me was to say: ‘Hmmm… interesting, this is trout, but there are no mountains around…’. Everybody around the table stared at me in amazement for a short while, after which they burst into uncontrolable laughter ‘Yes my darling, there are no mountain around, and that’s because you are ON one, 3800m high’ Boca replied laughing. Well… you know… that altitude can really affect your judgement sometimes :p.

The families on the island make a living from tourism, so after lunch we were presented with the handicraft Elias’ family creates every day. We were amazed at how much significance men’s hats carry and also at how different objects tell the story of each family.

There was no supply of electricity to the island, so each house had a small solar panel when it came to having some light in the evening. There were light bulbs only in the dining room though, so in our rooms we had intimate conversations over candle light :). We had left our backpacks on the boat, and at some point we realised that due to a small miscommunication the boat had left for the night and it would only come back the next morning. Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves not only without toothbrush, towel, change of clothes and flash lights, but also without our jackets! During the day it had been warm, but as soon as the sun set, the temperature plummeted. We ended up walking around with blankets wrapped around us, and at night, because of course there was no heating in the rooms, the four of us crammed into a room for two and covered ourselves with 4-5 blankets each in order to survived the night. The dancing around the fire that Elias and his family arranged for us in the evening made a huge difference, as it did get us pretty heated up!:)

The evening ended with the 4 of us curled up in bed under the blankets, and me reading the ‘Andean Awakening’ at candle light. Epic indeed :).

The next morning I was elated to discover that leaving my shoes outside the room had not been the smartest idea, as the rain during the night had left my (only) shoes soaked! So I used two bags as water proof socks until we got back to the boat. Another lesson learned! 🙂

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