Arica for 3 days

By the time we reached Arica we had been galopping not only for the past 2 weeks since we left Singapore, but basically for the past 6 months, since we had started preparing for this journey. So we decided it was time to slow down somewhere, and just do nothing for a few days. We found the perfect place for that – Arica Unite ( ), a backpacker place by the sea, where the two super sweet French ladies Jenny and Fanny have made us feel completely at home!

The first day we went to the beach for a few hours, but the water was so cold that only Silviu dared to jump in for a short swim. Then, as the 3 of us laid down on our sarong reading, the Pacific got playful (or angry) and decided to come and disturb us a little bit by literally sweeping us from the sarong, soaking our clothes, books and whatever we had with us. Yet another lesson learned :).

In the evening we all had a barbeque and we spent a great deal of time chating with Camila, one of Jenny’s Chilean friends, trying to figure out what to do after Arica, which way to go and how to plan the trip ahead. The conversation helped a lot, as we decided from Arica we’d go to Humberstone and then San Pedro de Atacama (and skip all the places in between), but we still hadn’t reached Santiago with our planning. Eh, one step at the time, we thought…:).

The second day we decided to go for lunch at an indian vegetarian place we had read about in the LP – Govinda. The food was the furthest away from Indian we had ever eaten, but we enjoyed the place nevertheless. We were shocked by how expressive Chilean men are with their feelings, as we constantly heard whistles, comments and horning all the way there. On the way back we passed by a park and could not resist the calling of a palm tree to lay there in it’s shade. We had a very good nap, and after we woke up we looked at each other, at our watches and exclamed ‘Hmmm… how about dinner??’. Life… can be so tough sometimes…

After the 3rd day spent there we realised how tired you can get from doing nothing, so we decided this would not work anymore, we’d have to leave the next day. We decided we’d go to San Pedro via Humberstone (few hours) and Iquique (where we had to go in order to catch an overnight to San Pedro).

Arica Unite - Jenny and Fanny


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