San Pedro – how to be kind to your budget

We woke up early-ish the next morning to catch the 10.30 bus to San Pedro, and upon arrival we learned another precious lesson: seek and you shall find!

We were only intending to stay there for one or two nights, so we wanted to find a hostel in the central area for convenience. We checked all the places we had found attractive in the LP and they were all nice, but not very cheap. The general price was 8000 pesos per night, breakfast NOT included. We were about to go for one of these places when Silviu insisted we check out a hostel we had passed by on the way from Toconao.

We left Boca with the luggage this time and took a very long walk around searching for the place. We didn’t find it, but instead we found a few other ones similar in price to the ones we had seen. ‘Well, at least this is a confirmation that there are no better ones’, we thought. When we got back we were more ready than before to check into that first place, but Boca thought we should check out one last place. I was pretty exhausted by then so the two of them left. While I was waiting for them with all the backpacks around me, a couple of ladies passed by and asked if I needed a place to stay. The first one had rooms for 12,000 pesos, so by the time the second one came I had lost hope that we could find anything below 8000. Of course I had to make an effort to control my thrill when she told me she had rooms for 6000, just on the parallel street. At the exact time I was talking to her, my other two thirds came, so we went to check out the place. It was simply perfect! A very big yard with chairs and couches, and so much quietness.

When we went out to find lunch the story repeated, with us bumping into all the 5,000 and 3,500 pesos places first, until, upon asking people around, we found the set menus going for 2,000 just a short walk away. In case you’re in search for such places they’ll be by the main bus station, where all the buses except for Tour Bus come and go.

When the same thing happened again with sand boarding (we had been quoted prices as high as 25,000, and in the end we had an awesome sandboarding experience AND a beer in 10,000) we made sure to make a mental note to always keep faith that there are better places than the ones we first come across. And keep searching until we find them:).


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