Sandboarding and sunset in the Moon Lagoon

We did two things we absolutely loved in San Pedro: sandboarding and going up to El Tatio geyser field for sunrise.

We went sandboarding with Jorge, a cool guy who will show you a good time, in the Death Valley – a very encouraging name, we thought. It started slow, as it was the first time we were doing this, so we weren’t sure of the probability of bone breaking (and hey, when I asked Jorge how many people have died doing this and he only smiled, I made sure I took my time), but we quickly got the hang of it and we wished we could have stayed there longer. By the end I had become so confident that I wanted to do fancy turns and ended up landing flat on my face, with plenty of sand in my pants, boots, T-shirt and hair.

I’ve never done snowboarding but I have skied before. I found sandboarding the much nicer version of that, in the sense that it seemed safer, less painful when falling, and the warm weather is an added bonus. We could not get enough of the downhill part, but things were not as peachy when it came to climbing back up with the board on our backs. That and the sand storm (ok, maybe not storm but the strong wind throwing sand in our eyes) were the only two things we could have done without.

We were to watch the sunset from the Moon Lagoon, so Jorge drove us there and, after giving us our well deserved reward for doing such a good job sandboarding (beer, of course), we got ready to watch what I felt was the most dramatic sunset I had ever seen. It took me back a couple of months when a friend had said: ‘Eh… after a while, all sunsets are the same’. Then I had agreed with him. It was obviously because I hadn’t been to the Moon Lagoon yet.


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