Saying goodbye to Vina’s ladies

I’m writing this post on Renaca beach in Vina del Mar… it’s quite windy and the water too cold, but the ocean is magnificent! It’s a Saturday, so Matilde and Jen are with us, as they’re not working/schooling today.

It’s a gorgeous day and we are all happy, but we cannot ignore the shade of sadness hanging over us as we know we’re 6hrs away from saying good bye. It’s only been 5 days that we were with them, but the kind of connection between us is incredibile, and the motherly love Matilde treated us with was exactly what we needed after a month of homelessness. We will definitely carry these ladies in our hearts wherever we are from now on, and a part of us will always be will them wherever they are.

Thank you so much you special beings for all the love, teachings and joy you have given us, and also for showing us what hospitality really means: simply acting like we’re part of the family!

Until we meet again, much much love!!:)


One response to “Saying goodbye to Vina’s ladies

  1. Im really glad that you enjoy staying with us… we really miss you guys and as we told you …you are always welcome to comeback…whenever you want…
    hoping form the heart that you will do what you need to…and be as happy as you can be to be love and love…
    remember the water and the love we gave you all…
    Your weird sister form chili!
    love, peace, happiness.

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