Daniella’s birthday and the barbeque in El Bolson

We did not find reasons to keep us in El Calafate any longer, so the next day we braced ourselves and got on the 20-hour bus to El Bolson, the stop we had chosen on the way to Bariloche. The strangest thing happened on the way there: Silviu’s camera was stolen during the night (we suspect by one of the bus drivers) and hidden all the way at the back, behind the last chair. Shockingly enough, he actually found it there when he went to throw something into the trash bin and for no particular (apparent) reason leaned over and glanced to the right. We could not believe our eyes when we found it there. It was certainly a good signal to take more care of such things from now on.

We had made a new friend at the hostel, Ivan from Brazil, so he ended up traveling with us for a few days as well. It was 6 of us traveling together now, so our group had practically increased by 100%! How much joy! 🙂

We were staying in 2 small cabanas in El Bolson and even though it was not always very warm (inside and outside), we took a few days to relax there, in the middle of nature. The heating was based on gas and they had run out of it in one of the cabanas, so one of the nights we went to sleep with 2 pullovers, hat and gloves on, in our sleepings bags, 3 blankets on top. Not that it was our first time doing that, but we were definitely dreaming of hot sunny lands… The first day we went for a buffet again, this time in a traditional restaurant (Parilla) – lots of meat being served (pretty delicious one, as we heard) but at the same time there were plenty of vegetarian options as well.  Parillas are found almost everywhere in South America and they are great eating places indeed!

The second day it was Daniella’s birthday and we celebrated with a beautiful fire and a barbeque. We bought plenty of veggies we were going to grill and our enthusiasm was certainly present. But our food burning skills turned out to be so evolved that we ended up eating instant mashed potatoes and bread with mayonnese instead. Thankfully Daniella had bought a small kiwi cake (apparently in the Italian tradition it’s bad luck not to have a cake on your birthday) so that dessert was a great finish to our interesting meal. It was an awesome celebration in the end, with lots of fun and laughter. We had the privilege of listening to Daniella’s angel voice that night and at 1am, as we were still outside chatting and watching the shooting stars (estrellas fugaces as they call them in Spanish), all the lights around went out and we found ourselves in complete darkness under the perfectly clear star filled sky. It was one of the most beautiful night skies most of us had seen, and Daniella could only exclaim, ‘What a special birthday present!’

The next day we (reluctantly) got up early-ish for the full day walk we had planned the previous day. We walked around to see the Cabeca del Indio (a rock in the shape of an Indian’s head), a river and a pretty waterfall. We got back home absolutely exhausted because it had rained the previous day and we walked a big part of the way on really muddy roads, keeping our bodies tensed so we wouldn’t slip and get that mud all over our clothes. The scenery was beautiful and it was a good workout, so all worth it in the end;).

On the way back we had to reward ourselves so we stopped at the Crazy Churros and had a Submarine (a glass of milk with a chocolate bar inside) and some delicious churros (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churro). We were also entertained by the various types of cars we came across on the way – some of them looked like they came straight from the ‘funky cars’ museum. We had some good laughs!

We spent the last day in El Bolson teaching 7th Path Self-Hypnosis (http://www.7thpathselfhypnosis.com/) to Silviu, Daniella and Selis. It was a very rewarding experience and it made us want to share it more and more with all the people looking for a change for the better. We were left with the hope that there will be plenty such opportunities in the months to come.

Our next destination, Bariloche, was just 2 hours away. We were excited about the plans we had made for this beautiful city – paragliding, horse riding, hiking through beautiful forests. We were heading there with open hearts, as always :-).


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