Massages and Horst

At the hostel we were staying in one of the 4 beds rooms. Our backs were hurting quite a bit from all the night buses and carrying of backpacks, so we put the matresses on the floor and Silviu gave us each a Yumeiho combined with Thai massage, his specialty. The one he gave me lasted for 4 hours as my body was so sore and tensed he had a lot of work to do! It was extremely painful as well, so I could not help but scream my heart out every couple of minutes. We wondered what it might sound like from the other side of the door and we were expecting a knock on the door any minute from the domestic violece police.

The knock did come eventually, but not from the police. It came from Horst, our new German roomate. He opened the door and stood there for a few seconds shocked at the sight – matresses on the floor, luggages and clothes spread all around, and a guy torturing a screaming girl in the middle of the room. Eventually he could speak so he introduced himself and upon a few minutes of talking he realised we were not the freaks he thought we were. It was instant friendship! Later on Silviu gave him a massage as well so he understood better what all the screaming was about – he did feel much better too!

We found out Horst, who is in his 50s, was traveling through Argentina on a horse! Or two, to be more exact. He is a teacher of art back in Germany and the school he works for gives all the teachers the option of a sabbatical every few years (might have been 5 as far I as remember). So this was his, and since he was passionate about horses and Argentina he thought he’d combine the two on an awesome few months adventure. He took about 2 months to get from Germany to Argentina because he came on a … sailboat! Or maybe two. Apparently there’s a sort of a Couch Surfing for boats, where you can find a boat going from A to B and you can get a ride with them in exchange for help on board. Some experience is needed I think, not sure of the exact details… One of the websites is in case you’re interested and want to check it out.

We loved listening to Horst’s fascinating stories and he loved sharing his mate with us (more on this traditional South American drink later). He was always so full of energy, life, positiveness, joy, humor and chillaxness… a true inspiration! :). We parted with the thought we might bump into him later on in Mendoza and also with the thought that one of the best things about traveling is this meeting of truly fantastic and inspiring people of all ages, people we can learn sooo so much from.

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