Villa de Angostura, the place we had dreamed of

We were now getting closer to the place we had decided to go to during the planning stages of the trip: the Eco Yoga Park in Argentina. Daniella and Selis liked the idea very much so decided to join us, and we liked that idea very much. There was one last stop we wanted to make on the way: when we had gone down to Chilean Patagonia we had to cross to Argentina at some point, and one of the places we passed by was so incredibly beautiful that we decided we’d stop there for a few days on the way back up. We knew this place was just a bit North of Bariloche but we had no idea what the name was. After looking at some maps and asking around we thought we found it: Villa de Angostura, a quaint little town 1 hour North.

Ever since we had started planning our trip there was one thing we had in mind and could not wait to find: a quiet cabana in the middle of the mountains, with the unique smell of fresh air and a nice little terrace we could hang out with mugs of hot tea and inspiration to write. Two months into the trip, we actually found it!

As soon as we got to Villa de Angostura we knew that was the place we had seen on the way South, and as soon as we saw the cabana we knew that was the place we had seen in our dreams. It was on the last street of the little town, right at the entrance into a forest; it had 2 rooms with 5 beds (perfect for the 5 of us), a fire place, barbecue pit and terrace, and it was surrounded by trees, mountains and a deafening silence. It was everything we had wished for and more, and to top it all, it was on my birthday! I could not believe the special birthday present, and I had no idea that was going to be only the beginning. It was pretty funny being on this continent at this time because my birthday back home in Romania had started 5 hours earlier, and in Singapore even earlier than that – 11 hours. When birthday wishes started pouring in so much in advance I realised this was going to be a 35-hour birth day. And hell if I was going to complain about it!:)

We found out about the activities that could be done around there and decided on two we had not done since on the trip: horse riding and mountain biking through hundreds of years old forests, on the way to waterfalls, lakes and lagoons. Little did we know that besides the beauty beyond imagination, they’d also turn out to be amazing learning experiences. 🙂

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