Punta del Diablo (the point of the devil) – not nearly as scary as it sounds

‘This is… a dream!’ we found ourselves thinking as we laid in bed and prepared to go to sleep in the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, the concert the ocean was offering us every night.

Osvaldo had helped us plan the few days we had in Uruguay and we ended up going East, towards Rocha. We decided to skip Punta del Este (which is supposed to be a kind of an Ibitza during the summer, but is nothing but a sad little beach town in winter) and go straight to Punta del Diablo – another beach city, usually quieter. And in winter even more so! We were going to spend a night in Cabo Polonio as well, a place with no cars and no electricity, hence a spectacular night sky.

The moment we got to Punta del Diablo we both felt it in our hearts: as much as we wanted to see the special sky in Cabo Polonia, we would end up staying in Punta del Diablo the whole time instead. We certainly liked Uruguay enough to want to go back there again for a longer time, so Cabo Polonia would just have to wait a little bit.

When we got off the bus in Punta del Diablo we saw these colorful buildings right in front of us, and upon asking we found out they were indeed cabanas put up for rent. Each one had a small living room, kitchen and bathroom downstairs and a nice double bed room upstairs. To top it all, a balcony overlooking the ocean and a hamac on the patch of grass outside the house. It was puuuuurfect!! The price was 35usd/night for the whole thing, which given the circumstances we thought it was a pretty good deal!

This was in the middle of the low season and we were pretty much the only tourists around, so quite soon the whole little village knew we were there. Needless to say we spent the next 3 days doing nothing but read, write, wake up and go to sleep in the sound of the waves washing the shore, and occasionally pinching ourselves to make sure we were not imagining any of that perfection. When we found a fish chivito at one of the restaurants we felt we could really ask for nothing more!

Punta del Diablo is without a doubt a place we’d go to over and over again (except for Dec-Feb though, as we’re definitely not the kind of people who enjoy crowded and crazy high-seasons on the beach) to relax, regroup, re-energize and just… be.

We left Uruguay knowing there were so many things left unseen and unexplored, but knowing in our hearts that we would reach those shores again, one day. We will forever remember the kindness of the people and the wonderful feeling we had every time we stepped out into the streets. We’ve certainly been charmed, and we’re certainly fine with that!:)

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