Uruguay in a nutshell

Planned daily budget: USD27 – 500 Uruguayian Pesos
Actual daily expenditure: USD31.2

Visited cities:
Punta del Diablo

Most expensive city: we didn’t notice much difference between the cities

Cheapest city: we didn’t notice much difference between the cities

Favourite city: all 🙂

To do in Uruguay

  • Have a walk through the historic quarter (World Heritage Site by UNESCO) in Colónia
  • Buy awesome and cheap leather shoes – Montevideo
  • Watch the grandmas and grandpas dancing in the public square – Montevideo
  • Visit as many museums as you can (they’re free!) – Montevideo
  • Have a cup of coffee in a nice cafe – Montevideo
  • Rest on the beach in Punta del Diablo
  • Buy a Uruguayian Mate
  • Drink mate while walking on the streets
  • Try the Grappa
  • Have the Tea Menu

Most challenging thing: our time there was too short J



Most expensive acommodation: 350 Pesos person/night in Punta del Diablo, without breakfast and internet

Cheapest accommodation: 300 Pesos person/night in Colónia, with breakfast (bread with coffe, tea, butter and jam) and internet.

We Couch Surfed in Montevideo.

Favourite accommodation

The little pink-purple cabana in Punta del Diablo, a 2 story house that had a balcony with a view to the sea. We went to bed and woke up in the sound of the waves and spent sweet time in the hamac on the patch of grass in front of the cabana. It was 700 Pesos/ night for 2-3 people.



For vegetarians, eating out will not be easier than in Chile and Argentina. For those who eat fish it’s a bit better. Prices are pretty high.

Favorite food: Chivito (usually meat, but you can ocasionally find the vegetarian/fish version as well)

What we didin’t really like: Acelga Tarta

Chivito: Something of a hamburger, just bigger, cheaper and meaner J

Panchó: The Uruguayian hot dog, with the sausage twice as big as the bread

Pizza: everywhere!!!

Mate: Special tea-like drink.



There were no problem with transportation in Uruguay. We didn’t have to take overnight buses as the country is not as big, but all buses were clean and comfortable.

Best things in the country (our opinion of course): drinking mate on the streets and with the locals, visiting the National Arts Museum in Montevideo (Rhodo Park), and spending a few days in Punta del Diablo during low season.



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