Time for laughing

Iunia: ‘Silviu, why are you not eating the apple seeds as well?’
Boca (looking at Iunia with a ‘how silly are you’ kind of look): ‘Well obviously because an apple tree would grow inside his belly!!!’

Up on the El Tatio geyser, before sunset:
Iunia: ‘What do you think the temperature is over here?’
Guide:  Around -7 C.
Iunia: ‘Hmmm, it doesn’t feel that cold…’
Boca: ‘Yeah? Is that why your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off?
Iunia: ‘Oh…ok’

On the way to Puno (Peru), passing by Lake Titikaka:
Iunia: ‘Oh, is there a lake here?
Boca (laughing): “Ehhh yeah, that’s why they call it LAKE  Titikaka’

On Taquile Island (Peru), having trout (a fish which found in mountain waters) for lunch:
Iunia: ‘Hmmm, interesting, we’re having trout but I don’t see any mountains around…’
Boca (again laughing): ‘Well that’s because you are ON one, 3800m high…’

Iunia in pain because of the blisters around her mouth.
Boca: Do you want me to kick you?
Iunia: Huh? Why would you kick me???
Boca: Because then your leg would hurt more than your lip.

The kitchen of a hostel in Salta (Argentina). We’re having wine.
The owner comes in: ‘Hmm, it smells like gas in here’.
He goes and checks and indeed there’s gas coming out from the stove.
Boca: Hmm.. . Yeah, no wonder we’re so dizzy…
(not that the wine we’d been drinking had anything to do with that :p)

Walking around Montevideo (Uruguay), making food plans for the bus trip to Punta del Diablo.
Boca: So what food shall we take on the bus?
Iunia: Well, we still have some buns from the morning… We could put some slices of bread in them and we’re sorted!

Backpackers conversation:

‘So how far is San Pedro from Pucon?’
She puts two of her fingers about 5 cm apart ‘Oh, about this much’

‘So what’s the temperature like in Vina del Mar?’
‘ Errr… T-shirt?’

‘What are you cooking?’
‘Pasta! Just like last night. And the night before. And before:)’

Taking a dip in the geyser pool in El Tatio  while outside it’s -7 C.
’My feet are so cold they hurt.’
’Just wait one more minute, you won’t feel them at all anymore…’

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