Paraguay in a nutshell

Daily budget: USD27 – 106.000 Paraguayian Guarani
Actual daily spenditure: USD21

Cities we have visited:
Encarnation (Jesus & Trinidad)
Ciudad del Este (with Itaipu Dam, the second largest dam in the world)

Most expensive city: there was not much difference between the cities
Cheapest city: there was not much difference between the cities
Favourite city: Errr…. probably Encarnation 🙂

What to do in Paraguay

  • If you are in Asunción, go to the nearby village Areguá and have a buffet lunch at Don Pablo Panaderia – you won’t regret it!!
  • Visit the Jesuit Ruins – Jesus and Trinidad
  • Visit the Itaipu dam – Ciudad del Este
  • Visit Lily’s little store in – Ciudad del Este (see Ciudad del Este post for more details on that)
  • Eat empanadas – Ciudad del Este
  • Eat Chipa (anywhere)
  • Drink Terere (anywhere)

Most challenging thing: safety and ambiguous or just plain wrong information/directions 🙂



Most expensive accommodotation (what we paid): 50 Guarani person/night in Asuncion with breakfast and internet

Cheapest accommodotation (what we paid): 25 Guarani person/night in Ciudad del Este without breakfast and internet

We havent Couch Surfed here but stayed with the Peace Corps girls for one night in Encarnation.

The breakfast here as well bread with jam, butter and dulce de leche with coffe or tea.



If you are vegetarian you won’t find here food easier than in the other mentioned countries.

I would definitley recommend to try the cheese-corn empanada.

Favourite Food: Empanada

Chipa. The Paraguayian national corn bread. It’s available at every corner in hot, cold, soft or crispy version 🙂

Mate. Tea like drink speciality.

Terere. Cold Mate with different herbs. It tasted like ground, but we still liked it J


The international busses were find, while the local busses were older and older, though we didn’t really had much problem with these either J. But if you are here, please do go out after dark.

The best thing in the country: The ambulatory supermarkets – you never really have to go shopping while there cause shopping come to you wherever you are! 🙂


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