Coincidences? What are those? And change of plans again.

A new purpose – Pedagooogia 3000

After coming back from the jungle the plan was to spend just a few more days in Urubamba, then finally head over to Bolivia. Going to Bolivia had gained a whole new significance for us the day we left Rio de Janeiro – that was the day Daniel, the special guy who had taken us to the Tijuca forest, gave me a book called Pedagooogia 3000 (Education 3000 – ). I had shared with him my interest and passion in education and he thought I’d find the book interesting.

Well “interesting” doesn’t even begin to cover how I really felt about the book and concepts shared. Even though the book was in Spanish I devoured half of it on the way to Peru, and was so excited I kept sharing about it with whoever wanted to listen. The writer is a French lady who lives in South America for over 10 years now, and most of the research was based on this continent. Even though the ideas in the book appeared to be implemented in several countries around the region, the “headquarters” seemed to be in La Paz, so I knew I had to go there to find out more. I felt like I had just been given a new purpose to my being in South America, just like I had felt 3 years before about my being in Singapore (when 10 months after getting there I found the job I knew I wanted even before I knew such a thing existed – accelerated learning and soft skills trainings for teenagers). And I knew none of that happened by accident.


Plan for Bolivia – visas and stuff

So long story short, the plan was to head to La Paz a few days after coming back from Quillabamba. You might remember that while in Brazil we found it difficult to get our visa for Bolivia, but meanwhile Carmen told us there’s nothing easier than obtaining a visa at the border as long as you showed the amount needed to buy it. They did not need any of the other documents, and they have a little desk put in place especially for buying the visa. “Just go to the border”, she said “you will get it without a problem”. We decided to follow her advice, so did not even attempt to get a visa before (which would have been so troublesome, going to Lima and then back etc etc, a real pain in the behind).

Silviu was not going to join in Bolivia as he had found an incredible opportunity in Cusco: he had become the “disciple” of a Canadian chiropractor who had had come to Peru more than 15 years ago, for a 4 months job opportunity. He has not gone back home since. He doesn’t need to, he says, and knowing the Sacred Valley we can easily understand him. Silviu had met Howard through Katya and was keen on learning all the incredible techniques he had come to master over the years, teachniques he was willing to share with Silviu freely and openly. When we finally got to meet Howard and see the place where he works, we easily understood why Silviu would want to spend as much time as possible there, in that tranquil place with such peaceful and healing vibes.


Another Sacred Journey

For a couple of months now we had known there will be another Sacred Journey happening in October (just like the one that had first brought us to South America) with our beloved hermano Tahuiro, and this time with Giselle, the wonderful Peruvian lady who first introduced us to the Andean world. We were overjoyed, as we had not seen her since we had left Singapore. And now meeting her in her own country, where we had come because of her inspiration, was something we did not want to miss.


Now that’s what we call “surprise”!

There were 5 people in the Sacred Journey group this time, and they were staying 30 mins aways from Urubamba, in Ollantaytambo. We were in touch with Giselle and finally decided on a day to meet them all for dinner. We had some plans for that day but they were cancelled last minute, so for lunch we went into town in Urubamba then decided to stay a bit longer in a nice cafe and catch up with writing. It was after 2pm and our usual place (Kai) was closed. How upsetting, we thought. There aren’t really that many nice cafes in Urubamba, in fact we knew only two out of which one was pretty expensive. So a bit disappointed we decided to have a walk around and Insha’Allah we’ll find another quiet, inexpensive place with a good writing atmosphere. I’ve heard many people talk about the power of intention, and we’ve had proof of it working wonders before – well, this was another one of those times. We very soon came across a cafe exactly as we had pictured it, with a huge variety of pastries and drinks and with the most affordable prices we had seen. It had 2 little rooms inside AND a back yard too, with most comfortable sitting and an adorable kitty, this little ball of fur to keep customers company. It was puuuuur-fect :).

We thought the only thing that could make the place better was some wi-fi, but we were so pleased with everything else that we were willing to let that go. We set in the back yard and after a while Boca’s laptop needed recharging so she stepped inside. Less than fifteen minutes later I see her appearing in the frame of the door, eyes almost popping out and gesturing to me to go inside immediately for she has something to show me. I don’t think i’ve ever seen her so excited about something… initially I thought she might have found wireless (which for us would have been the supreme surprise), but no, she appeared much more excited even for that. The only other thing I could think of was that Brad Pitt had just entered the cafe, but in that case I knew she’d not be there in the frame of the door signaling to me, but at his table going on and on about how he’s the most handsome man alive.

So I was extremely intrigued by her behavior and by this time really curious what she had to show me inside. I got up, entered the room and… boy oh boy, was that the last thing I was expecting to see! At a table by the door was none other than… hermano Tahuiro! This wonderful special being who even though we had met merely 7 months before, we had come to love and regard as a father… our Inka father :). I was so surprised I could not move for a few moments, but just stood there by the door with both my hands over my mouth in amazement. What followed was a lot of hugging and laughing and loving words we had to share with each other. We could not believe he was actually there, as we knew full well they had plans to be at the Sacred Mountain for the day.

He told us they got back around 3pm then he decided to come over to Urubamba, since he had something to do in town and he knew we were there. He had no idea how to find us, so he just set his intention and let the forces at work do their job. He was wondering the streets of Urubamba and, as he was new to the city, randomly stopped a woman on the street and asked if she knew of any nice cafe around. When she said “yes” and that she will take him there, he wanted to repay her kindness by inviting her for a juice and cake. The woman said “yes” to that as well, so that’s how they both ended up in the cafe where we had “accidentally” ended up as well. We were amazed at his story and at how many things had to go wrong for this to happen! First we had to change our plans fo the day completely, then our usual cafe had to be closed, then Boca’s laptop had to be low on battery so she had to go inside (had we both stayed outside we would have never met hermano), then a few things had to happen on hermano’s side so that he ‘d be on that particular street to meet that particular lady, then he had to want to go to the second room instead of the first (had he stayed in the first we would have never met him either). And after all this we should still believe there’s such a thing as “coincidences”?:)

After catching up a bit with out dear hermanito we bid each other good bye with the promise to meet again in just 2 hours, this time in Olleanta. We were there at 7 and so was he, but Giselle wasn’t as her luggage had not arrived with her from Singapore so she was in Cusco still sorting things out. We spent two hours asking hermano a hundred questions over hot chocolate, and as usual we were astounded by how he had an answer for every single one. What a Teacher indeed, and we were so honored he was ours!

Giselle arrived at 9pm and after finishing wiht all the hugging and sharing a hot ginger tea, we talked about us joining them to Puno two days later, as we were heading to Bolivia anyway so it was the perfect opportunity to spend more time together. Everyone was excited about it and Giselle declared that in that case we have to then join them on Taquile as well, the island on the magnificent Lake Titikaka. By the time we had planned all this it was after 10pm, and both hermano and Giselle decided it was too late for us to go back to Urubamba that night. They took us to their lodge to spend the night there, and we would have never imagined what would come out of that other thing that went so “wrong” (Giselle’s coming 2 hours late) and how we’d end up changing our plans completely once again.

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