Bolivia in a nutshell

Planned daily budget: USD27 – 187 Bolivianos

Actual daily expenditure: USD19


Cities visited:

  • La Paz
  • Uyuni – salt desert
  • Potosi
  • Rurrenabaque – jungle
  • Copacabana
  • Isla del Sol – on Lake Titikaka

Most expensive city: the South part of Isla del Sol

Cheapest city: the other cities had pretty much same prices

Favourite city: Isla del Sol (North), Rurrenabaque, Potosi

To do in Bolivia

  • Shop in La Paz
  • Visit the Coca Museum – La Paz
  • Have loads of 30 cents fresh orange juices in the street
  • Travel to the Salt Desert – Uyuni
  • Visit the famous silver mine – Potosi
  • Admire the nature and animals in the jungle – Rurrenabaque
  • Spend a few quiet days in Isla del Sol
  • Take a dip in Lake Titikaka
  • Have some pink trout from the world’s highest navigable lake, the Titikaka


Most challenging thing: finding vegetarian food and walking through streets that the locals treat as outdoor toilets



Most expensive accommodation: 75 Bolivianos per person/night in Rurrenabaque (Hotel Orient), with breakfast, without internet

Cheapest accommodation: 15 Bolivianos per person/night in the North of Isla del Sol (Refugio Wiracocha), no breakfast and no internet

Favorite Accomodation

  • Potosi – Koala Hostel
  • Rurrenabaque – Hotel Orient



Finding vegetarian food is not easy in Bolivia. The dishes served for “Menu de Dia” contain meat most of the times, and while in Peru it’s easy to have them replace the meat with salad or eggs, here we didn’t find it as easy. The good news is food is pretty cheap eveywhere, including in the fancier restaurants, so most of the times we paid the 20Bolivianos (USD3) for a vegetarian meal instead of the 7 Bolivianos for a regular “Menu de Dia”. Which is not the best when traveling on a budget, but we ended up having some pretty good food around.

Favourite Food: The lentils burger we had in Potosi, in a place called something like Tour de Pizza. Divine! And the freshly squized juices on the street.

What we didn’t realy like: the vegetarian potatoe empanada with surprise meat inside

A very popular dish you might want to try is theSalchipapa: slices of sausage with french fries.



Besides the bus to Rurrenabaque, the rest of the buses we travelled with were basic but clean. Of course they didn’t reach the standards of the Argentinian buses, but we didn’t have any problems with them either.

If you plan to go to the jungle in the North,brace yourself as the roads are absolutely terrible, and many times instead of the 16 hours ride you might end up being on the bus for 24.

The best thing in the country: Shopping (bhahaha) and the fresh and cheap fruit juices on the street. And of course the salt flats and jungle :).


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