100 things we did in the past 10 months. In 7 countries

  1. Climbed an active volcano in Chile
  2. Swam with the pink dolphins in the jungles of Bolivia
  3. Went in search of anacondas
  4. Looked a piranha in the face and told it “bite me!” (which it almost did btw…)
  5. Slept in a salt hotel. Meaning a hotel made of salt. For real.
  6. Spent 36 hours on a ferry to the “End of the world”. Gained a whole new perspective on sea sickness.
  7. Flew over Patagonia in a 20 people plane and managed not to cry or throw up
  8. Had a chat with the sea wolves in Chile
  9. Sand boarded in the most arid desert in the world
  10. Climbed Wayna Picchu, the peak seen in most Machu Picchu pictures
  11. Meditated inside the sacred Inka Monastery, the Machu Picchu
  12. Ate a dish of pasta and potatoes, with rice on a side – Peru
  13. Picked cocoa fruit, oranges and mangoes straight from the respective trees
  14. Built Eco houses in an Eco Yoga Park in Argentina
  15. Spend special days with an outstanding Inca Priest
  16. Rode a horse through hundreds of years old forests in Argentina
  17. Almost got robbed in Montevideo
  18. Walked the streets of Uruguay with a mate cup in one hand and a thermos in the other – the real Uruguayan way
  19. Spend 10 days in silent meditation in the Sacred Valley of Peru (Buddhist meditation retreat)
  20. Gained a complete perspective change on the favelas in Rio de Janeiro
  21. Numbed our legs while samba-ing at the rehearsals of one of the best samba schools in Rio de Janeiro
  22. Ate too much street food
  23. Ate more pizza in two months that in our entire life up to that point – Argentina
  24. Drank more great wine in two months than in our entire life up to that point – Argentina
  25. Made friends with a monkey in Bolivia – well, at least until she managed to steal all the food we had brought her
  26. Petted our first baby llama and baby sloth. The sloth winked at us. I swear it did.
  27. Had Inka Cola and Chicha (Peruvian corn “beer”)
  28. Visited the most famous silver mine in South America
  29. By the Lake Titikaka I set and wept
  30. Marveled at the graciousness of pink flamingos in Chile and Bolivia
  31. Had a bath in a hot pool in the largest geyser field in South America. 8am, -7 degrees.
  32. Patagonia, we were invited by the ferry captain up in his cabin, then given a personal tour of Puerto Toro, the Southern most inhabited point on planet Earth
  33. Stared and stared at Perrito Moreno, Argentina’s gorgeous blue glacier
  34. Finally experienced being served wine and champagne for dinner on a bus – Argentina
  35. Saw the unbelievable: 1kg bread 37 pesos, 1L wine 30 pesos in Uruguay
  36. While staring at Casa Rosa in Buenos Aires, saw Evita in my mind’s eye giving her famous speech from the famous balcony
  37. Went to the circus in the capital of Paraguay
  38. Walked through beautiful Jesuit ruins in Paraguay
  39. Got drenched in the Iguazu Falls
  40. Got a close look at the huge Jesus hugging Rio de Janeiro from up the hill
  41. Fell in love with Brazilian feijao, acai and caipirinha
  42. Paid 1USD to enter the public toilet on Ipanema beach in Rio
  43. Became addicted to beach volleyball on Copacabana beach
  44. Were escorted by fire flies out of the largest urban forest in the world
  45. Partied and samba-ed the nights away, Brazilian style
  46. Attended our first ever bull fight
  47. First ever Andean baptism
  48. Made and sold truffles on the streets of Peru
  49. Took part in a Temazcal (sweat lodge) and fire ceremonies in a Tipi
  50. Bathed in waterfalls
  51. Managed an impressive 93 mosquito bites in 3 days. With repellent constantly covering our skin, that was.
  52. Visited the people living on the floating islands on Lake Titikaka
  53. Had a picnic on an island full of cacti, in the middle of a salt desert
  54. Said “hi” to the largest rodent in the world. Then “bye”. Quickly.
  55. Sat next to people who were savoring a guinea pig in Peru. Fought hard to keep our own food in.
  56. Spent 60 hours straight on a bus crossing Brazil from East to West. Yes, we did shower during that trip.
  57. Spent 28 hours on a bus that was supposed to take 16. No, we didn’t shower during that one. We also managed not to kill ourselves either.
  58. Found pink flamingos feathers by colorful lagoons
  59. Drank Tsunamis in Chile and Submarinos in Argentina
  60. Exchanged stories with the papacho selling churros by the road side in the Sacred Valley of Peru
  61. Entered 2012 around a fire with beautiful people and a crazy dog, under the fabulous star filled sky and in the sweet sounds of accordion, guitar, drums and divine voices
  62. Woke up at 4 am for 10 consecutive days… and meditated
  63. Had the greatest conversations… with ourselves
  64. Slided on slides made of rocks, in the middle of Incan ruins
  65. Had lunch on the floor of the bus station in Sao Paolo…
  66. … and caught a guy red handed slowly walking away with my small backpack
  67. Wore the most non matching outfits and colors and did not care about it for one second
  68. Had a band rehearsal on Christmas night
  69. Ate raw fish soaked in lemon, with crispy corn and sweet potato
  70. Bowed in front of the birth place of the Sun God, on the Sun Island in Lake Titikaka
  71. Barbecued vegetables and burnt them beyond recognition. Three times.
  72. Danced our socks away with some hundreds of Brazilians at a concert of the famous Celebrare
  73. Out of the 10 months on the road, we spent 4 as guests
  74. Mountain biked on an actual mountain
  75. Ran after a donkey down a mountain for 2 hours, on a trail that normally takes 4
  76. Bought flowers from an old lady and shared them with a whole train going to Machu Picchu.
  77. Got one of our bags stolen on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro
  78. Experienced 2 earthquakes in Chile
  79. Petted a dog, cat, cow, pig, donkey, horse, llama… and a sloth 😀
  80. Became fans of the “poor’s food” in Chile – the best salmon we ever had was “a la pobre”
  81. Haven’t combed our hair for… lets say, a very long time
  82. Managed to not buy anything except for food for 8 full months (well, except for socks to keep our toes from freezing in Patagonia)
  83. Traveled on a bus together with mosquitoes, a dragonfly and a grasshopper – all at the same time
  84. Spent 5 days in the world’s highest capital – LaPaz, 3650m
  85. Swam in the highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titikaka
  86. Managed to wear the same 6 T-shirts for 10 months
  87. And realized you don’t really need more than 6 T-shirts, 1 pullover, 2 pants, 4 socks and one pair of old shoes to wander the world and be happier than ever
  88. Slept in almost 100 different beds… couches, floors, tents, buses, planes, ferries.
  89. Showered in almost 100 showers (many cold ones, mostly at winter time), and we had a bathtub once. Once!
  90. Packed our backpacks at least 150 times
  91. Slept in our sleeping bags almost 100 times
  92. Ate avocado for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between meals, with cheese, or cheese spread, or tomatoes or fruit salad or just by itself
  93. Made life long friends
  94. Met incredible teachers every step of the way
  95. Recognised that the 3 of us have been sisters and brother for a long time
  96. Fell in love, multiple times
  97. Ate fresh popcorn with butter and drank tea with rum in front of our tent, near a lagoon at 4200 meters high
  98. Visited 7 Countries and over 50 cities
  99. Had the time of our lives…
  100. Smiled, laughed, cried, ate, prayed, loved, learned, danced, jumped, marveled, glowed, wrote,  enjoyed, understood, accepted, thanked. Lived.

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