What being on the road has taught us (I)

  1. The most memorable experiences from the many countries we’ve been to are all to do with the people we were with or met, not with the places we’ve seen, no matter how incredible they were. Life is all about the people. Not about the “where”, but the “who”.
  2. The public opinion might be “public”, but it’s still just an opinion. Don’t let it rule your feelings and life.
  3. Envy is a great thing! It’s a sign that we want to better our own life and our own self. It turns into venom when it’s being kept at the level of gossip and blame. Up to us to take it to the level of action and turn it into fulfillment and happiness.
  4. When people around you are happy for something that to you looks stupid, be happy with them. There’s no right or wrong reason for happiness. In fact, there’s no need for a reason at all. Happiness is the one thing always worth celebrating!
  5. You can’t go to a different part of the world with the beliefs and habits from your own and expect to fit in and be just fine. You won’t be just fine, and then you’ll end up blaming it one the part of the world you’re visiting (because obviously you’re not going to blame it on your own rigidity). The smart thing to do is either embrace “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, or just stay home. The world is not ready for your judgments. And you’re not ready for the world.
  6. If you’re not open to other people’s opinions, resume to talking about the weather when in the company of other humans.
  7. We can’t expect others to act as we would or as we do because they just aren’t us – they were brought up with a different set of beliefs, experiences, way of life. So next time you catch yourself saying “I would never do that”, suspend that judgment and remember … that’s not you!
  8. In fact, you’d have conflicts with the world even it were made of 7 billion exact copies of you, because so many times you don’t even agree with your own actions.
  9. People talk because they have a mouth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are using their brain (properly). Don’t take it personally, you’re only hurting yourself.
  10. People do change, and that’s a fact. They might not change in the direction we want them to, or in the respects we want them to, but they change. Even you do. Do you think and behave the same as you did when you were 5? 10? 15? I hope not! (Most of us don’t, at least). That means you have changed. You’re not even the same as yesterday… If we were to stop and analyze our change at the end of each day, we’d be fascinated.
  11. We’ve been programmed by nature to function best in pairs/groups. Even those of us who want to consider ourselves anti social. Even those of us who are anti social. Proof: the way we perpetuate as a species. If procreation could happen within one individual, we’d then know we don’t need others to make others.
  12. Yet, with all this knowledge and natural programming, we are so worried about our bank accounts that we are ignoring our relationship accounts. Are humans insane then, I ask? When have we gone insane, I ask?
  13. A wise friend, who is now in Heaven, once told me “Iunia, nobody likes the smart kid in class”. If we think we know everything, we don’t. If we get to the point when we start choosing being right over having happy relationships… boy, we’re in trouble!
  14. Just because someone says “No” doesn’t mean everyone will. It also does not mean it’s about you. It also does not mean they will not say “yes” tomorrow. Don’t take “No”s personally.
  15. People’s anger makes them do horrible things which have nothing to do with you. Don’t take it personally.
  16. Don’t take it personally.
  17. Have I mentioned not to take it personally?
  18. We all influence each other’s lives all the time. Someone making a T-shirt in China impacts your life because you wear it and feel a certain way about it too. Someone’s life in Africa is impacted by the grain of rice you donate. The smile the shop assistant gives you brightens your day. The smile you give to the shop assistant creates ripples, as she’ll be passing it on to other customers. We make a difference all around, all the time!
  19. When going in a new relationship, no matter the nature, the other person is as scared as you are.
  20. Thinking is a very complex process. Don’t expect everyone to be proficient at it, and have compassion towards those who are not. Help out.
  21. Releasing the people you hate from your mind will give you back the energy to live your own life. Think about it, when you’re so busy hating, blaming and thinking of others… who’s living your own life?
  22. We have family all over the world. We just don’t know it yet.
  23. The best way to make a problem or misunderstanding dissolve is to discuss it with the person we think is causing it. If we put the stinky cheese under the table it will stink up the whole place, but if we put in on the table next to a couple of biscuits and a quality red wine, we get ourselves a heavenly snack. If there’s only one thing you remember from this whole list, please let it be this!
  24. If the people around you are spoiling your mood or making you feel a certain way, you’re giving them too much power. Take it back and create your own mood and feeling.
  25. Life is so exciting and interesting… yet there are so many people out there suffering from a very heavy disease: that of seeing only the sh.t in life. These people are very, very dangerous… they will try to smear some of that stuff on your life too, so they’re not alone in their misery. You must have none of that! If you can’t help them, run for your life!
  26. Accept all compliments you receive with a smile. Otherwise they will stop coming. And offer genuine compliments to others, with a smile. Otherwise you will become bitter.
  27. Sometimes a discussion we dread or a person we dislike can give us the most powerful ideas, insights and realisations. Suspend judgment. Pay attention.
  28. Some people will be disappointed with the decisions you make. If that’s the case, they should start focusing more on living their own lives instead of living yours. At the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with the decision taken… and who do you live for?As Oriah so beautifully said in her poem The Invitation, “I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself”.
  29. Can you?
  30. Many times, what we think other think of us is not what they think of us at all. But our acting as a result of that belief might actually make them think that way later.
  31. When we find ourselves upset or irritated by something or someone, it’s time to remember life is a mirror and take it as a sign to look inside – something needs to be brought to our awareness and healed. If we’re irritated by someone’s selfishness, we’re given a powerful message that we need to work on our own. And even if we think we’re altruistic, we should think of it as a scale: if we’re at 7 on a scale with the ends “0 =selfish” and “10 = altruistic”, this is our chance to push ourselves up to 10.
  32. Trusting in another can be such a scary endeavor… but the more we practice it, the better we get at it. And we’ll discover it’s…oh, so worth it!
  33. Sometimes a sentence or even a word at the right time from the right person can change a perspective forever. And a new perspective can change a life. Might even be yours.
  34. You being a victim only causes those around you to suffer. Nobody owes you anything, so why make others pay for your inability to deal with your own life? Don’t be selfish, take responsibility for your own life and let others live theirs. It’s only fair.
  35. We are all attracted to balanced and wholesome people, they are the ones whose company we seek and enjoy. Nobody likes victims, except other victims and new aggressors. So don’t be one. You deserve better.
  36. Being an adult doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing. It just means you’re now allowed to pretend you do
  37. Flexibility is not an option anymore. It’s the one thing that will keep you sane in times of great change.
  38. Choose “living” over “thinking about living”. It’s much more exciting!
  39. Rules and customs are made by people. Use your common sense before following or breaking them and before judging others for doing so.
  40. The world is how it is today because we keep telling our children to be a “good girl” and a “good boy”. And then give them stupid definitions of what that means. If we were to tell them to be “themselves” instead, the world might be a completely different place. It’s not too late!
  41. When we think there’s no more hope, hope will come knocking dressed up as a stranger’s smile. That stranger might even be you. Smile more, it’s really worth it!
  42. Having a vision is a must. Making plans is obsolete. As the word goes, “How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans”. Now more than ever.
  43. Confidence does not come with age, but with wisdom. And unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) wisdom doesn’t come with age either, but with the development of the ability to learn from life.
  44. The receiving always comes after/with giving. If we don’t see it is because we choose not to notice it.
  45. Dreams really do come true. If you don’t believe in that, you don’t believe in your dreams enough.
  46. Sometimes, the people who don’t seem are the ones who are.
  47. Aniche – the law of impermanence. Whatever situation you find yourself in, remember that this too shall pass, be it good or bad. That way you can keep your objectivity, realism, balance. Sanity. Aniche.
  48. Whatever our beliefs about the universe, life and death… we only choose them because we want to make ourselves feel a certain way. No point in disagreeing with another then, because we all choose to believe what makes us feel good. In reality nobody cares what you think, just as, honestly, you don’t really care what others think. Unless you’re looking for a confirmation or an answer that will make you feel better.
  49. Fear of the unknown and judgment of others are the most common things keeping us from experiencing life and people to their fullest. Fear of judgment is another. In all cases we’re the ones who lose. Majorly.
  50. Sometimes the best experiences are those that did not happen as planned. We could learn to appreciate surprises more.

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