What being on the road has taught us (II)

  1. It’s not what you’ve done that matters, not when, how or with whom. It’s who you have become as a result of that experience. That’s what CVs should be about: the who, not the what.
  2. If something “embarrassi” happened and you’re worried about what others think of you, you’re giving yourself too much importance. Nobody goes to bed at night thinking about other people’s humiliation or mistakes. They go to bed thinking of their own humiliation and mistakes. There’s a reason why “I” is the word most often used by humans, while “you” is not even on the list.
  3. If what others think means more to you than what you think, you’re trapped in a cage built by society. The good news is the key to get out is with you. Also the decision when to set yourself free
  4. Having the courage to choose heart (your soul’s desire) over mind (societal programming) will bring you more gifts you could have ever imagined. Not having the courage to do so will bring you more regrets and guilt than you can bear.
  5. If something feels wrong, it probably is wrong. For you. So get out of there!
  6. If you find that your religion makes you judge and condemn others, you’re practicing the wrong thing. Find another religion. Or create one for yourself, one that has “Love and accept other beings, starting with yourself” as it’s first and only commandment.
  7. We start to appreciate the magic of nature, music and poetry more as our heart and mind gain purity and authenticity.
  8. When bees sting us, they act out of fear. Immediately after that they die. We look at them, feel sorry and say “Aren’t you silly? Why did you do that, I was not going to hurt you”. Then we go out there in the world and do the same: we sting another being. When a part of our relationship and of ourselves dies, who’s there to see it from a higher perspective and ask us “Aren’t you silly?”
  9. When flies in their greediness fall in our cup of chocolate milk and die, we look at them and ask “Aren’t you silly, killing yourself over some milk?”. When we in our greediness do the same, except over something bigger and shinier, who’s there to see the bigger perspective and ask us “Darling… aren’t you silly?”
  10. It’s true that the people we love the most are the ones we hurt the most. It’s good to become aware of that and see what we can do to cause less harm.
  11. Others can make you feel bad only once. The tyrant after that is you, playing old and painful scenes in your mind over and over again. The other is not to blame anymore.
  12. Similarly, you’ve made a mistake once. Give yourself the gift of learning from it and then move on. You’ve got no reason to keep punishing yourself for it over and over again.
  13. We’re our own greatest torturers.
  14. Things are almost never as bad as they seem. Don’t make them even worse by giving yourself too much importance or taking yourself too seriously. Live a little lighter, live a little more.
  15. Next time you catch yourself thinking “Why me?”, as in “Why should I do it?”, it’s so much more constructive to replace that with “Why not me?”. Because if you don’t do it, no one will. We are indeed the ones we’ve been waiting for. Time to wake up to that.
  16. Next time you catch yourself thinking “Why me?”, as in “Why is this happening to me?”, think of it as life’s way of saying “Have you learned nothing?” and teaching you to step out of victim mode. If we see things from a higher perspective we realise we’re not special at  all. Life IS, with its good and bad, for everyone, and we think it’s “me” only because we’re selfish. What keeps us in “poor me” mode is the needing of the sympathy of others. Well, they might be sympathetic, but we’re the one being pathetic – is that the best we can do for ourselves in this life?
  17. If you feel alone, you alone have made that choice.
  18. If you think you can’t, you won’t. It’s really that simple.
  19. When you find yourself taking too long to make a decision, go back to your first instinct. It really works.
  20. Don’t be too quick in expressing opinions about something you’ve not yourself experienced, but only read or heard about. Borrowing the opinions and knowledge of others can be a dangerous thing.
  21. Work smart, but work hard. Waiting for things to fall from the sky straight on your plate is not fair. Why would they? What’s so special about you for them to?
  22. If your work now has nothing to do with what you have studied, you’re not the only one. And if you love what you do, congratulate yourself for your courage!
  23. Put the whip down and be kinder to yourself. You’re really not as bad as you think :).
  24. When you find you have no choice, just relax and enjoy. It’s better than stressing out and feeling scared – the end result will be the same, the only difference is how you’ll feel about it. Might as well choose the good feelings.
  25. If your today looks the same as your yesterday and you think your tomorrow will look the same as your today… you have got to make a run for it, get out now and save yourself!
  26. They speak the truth when they say when we think we can no more, we find hidden strength within us that will keep us going. Have more faith in yourself. Those around you need you to.
  27. Wherever you are, never give up on your rights, especially when you know you’re not in the wrong.
  28. Reward yourself on a regular basis. You deserve it and someone has to do it. If not you… then who?
  29. When we find ourselves in a hole it’s only up to us how long we choose to stay there and when we decide it’s enough, we’ve learned our lesson and it’s time to get back up
  30. We are baffled when people whom we think should be sad are actually happy, and the other way around. Maybe it’s best to then stop looking at others’ happiness, and just focus on living our own.
  31. Making someone’s day is so much more rewarding than someone making your day. And the great part is, you have more control over it too :).
  32. The story of the frog turning into a prince is true. Have you ever seen a person blooming after getting into a relationship in which she receives true love from her partner? “What have you done, you look fantastic!”. What happened was… love. The “ugly” people are those so deprived of love they don’t dare to know how beautiful they are. If this were not true, then all those shows of “Before and after” would not exist. If the right clothes, make-up and care for oneself can make that difference, then let’s take our frogs shopping… and be ready to meet our princes or princesses! Or better yet, let’s give them the love and encouragement that will make them want to take themselves shopping. That way it will be permanent too:).
  33. When you have 1 dollar and give 10 cents of it to someone who has nothing, your feeling of abundance knows no limits. Your abundance is not relative to how much you have, but to how much you give.
  34. Too many people are uncomfortable with saying and hearing “I love you”. Yet not many people have issues splurting out a “screw you” every 5 minutes. Are we missing something here?
  35. Bad days exist, and that’s a fact. Be patient and kind to yourself when they come, and help them pass with grace.
  36. Learning to let go (of things and people) is one of the things that sets us free.
  37. Generalisations are called that way for a reason. Don’t make them personal.
  38. A genuine smile will not take us a long way. It will take us the way. It’s worth more than … No, in fact a smile is simply priceless! We should use it more often. Might end up changing our life.
  39. Being grateful is one of the most wonderful feelings!
  40. Pick your fights and don’t get emotionally involved in fights which are not yours to fight
  41. It’s not what we say, but how we say it. That’s why written messages can fup a relationship. It’s happened before and it will happen again. If we’re aware, not to us.
  42. Aggressiveness is not a sign of strength, but of great weakness
  43. Sometimes giving in doesn’t mean you’re weak, but on the contrary, that you are the strong one.
  44. “I’d rather be right than happy” is a choice – but is it the best choice?
  45. Instead of judging people’s actions, look at their intentions. It will help understand the other more and be more tolerant too.
  46. ”Coincidence” was a word probably invented by someone who didn’t know how to notice and analyze all the things that have to go right (or wrong) for that “coincidence” to happen. Be aware. Pay attention
  47. The secret of the 80 year olds holding hands while strolling in the park, as well as of life long friendships, lies in continuous and conscious learning and growth. If today we’re a different person than yesterday and tomorrow we’ll be different than today, we can never get bored of our partner and he can never get bored of us… because we’re living with a new person each day. And we have to rediscover each other each moment.
  48. The same applies to 3 friends traveling together for 7 months, seeing each other 24 hours a day, every day, except for toilet breaks 🙂
  49. Best learning comes with genuine listening, with all our senses. There’s a reason why silence is the one associated with wisdom, not talking.
  50. The fantastic person you meet who inspires you greatly… that could be you. Don’t be afraid to watch and learn. That’s how we all better ourselves.
  51. We’re all good people in the end. We should really love each other more.

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