Five months since we (2/3) are home

Five months after two of the backpacks have left South America and returned to their respective countries, the situation is as follows:

Iunia brought Noemi Paymal (Bolivia) to Romania, to share Pedagooogia 3000 and her Holistic Education ideas with the people of Europe.

Boca brought Diane Dunn (Peru) to Hungary, to share the Munay-ki and other Andean teachings with the European people. (more info

Boca and Iunia attended the International Annual Conference of Pedagooogia 3000 in Brussels. There they met two of their sisters, Hui Min from Singapore, now living in Finland, and DJ from the Philippines, now living in Singapore. It was a most special family reunion, 13 months after. 

Boca is now working on building her business in Hungary to help people find balance and happiness in life.

Iunia has gone up on a mountain with her pink laptop, to seriously work on bringing her book to life.

Iunia has visited Boca twice, and Boca is planning on visiting Iunia soon.They’ve starting to really appreciate the pricelessness of the bond created after spending every moment of 10 months together.

Life has not been challenge-free since coming back, and it’s definitely been very intense. The experiences and lessons started to settle, and that led to even more learnings. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, love, live fully and enjoy fully. 

The third backpack is still in Cusco, and Silviu is still continuing to learn and grow heaps and heaps in those special places and among those special people. What tomorrow holds, he does not know, he’s just embracing it all with open arms.

Life in the Universe continues its course, and just as before, all is well :).

2 responses to “Five months since we (2/3) are home

  1. I saw Silviu this sunday night!!!
    He came to visit me, in my father’s house, we talked a lot, visited my brother and he slept there.
    Yesterday I left him at the subway station, before I come to work..
    It was a quick visit, but very special to me..
    He’s been too busy, and it was a honor that he got some free time to spend with me.. made me extremelly happy!!
    I still miss you guys… =/
    I tried to talk with Boca through the WhatsApp, but I didn’t have success.. lol
    And Iunia.. I make some comments on your pictures on facebook, did you see??
    Please, keep in touch..
    Don’t leave meeee!!!!! LOL
    I’m glad that your lifes are great. I’m very proud of you three.. my favourite backpacks!!! =D
    Peace, love and light in your lives…
    Luv u all..!!!
    See you soon again..
    Bye, bye

    • awwwww Felippe!!! we could never leave you hahaha!!!:)
      so happy to hear you met Silviu, indeed he’s been quite busy with things in Rio and Sao Paolo, i hope you;ll get to meet again once he’s back in Rio.
      We’re sending you and your entire amazing family huge huge hugs from snowy Romania and Hungary, and we’re waiting for you guys to come visit soon 🙂
      Merry Christmas!!
      much love!!!
      iunia and boca

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