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Boca (Hungary) and Iunia (Romania) go back a bit more than 3 years. Their homes at home are not more than 5 hrs drive away, but they had to go almost 10,000 km away, all the way in the heart of South East Asia for them to actually meet. Boca arrived in Singapore on December 2007 for what was supposed to be her half year HR internship in an MNC. Iunia arrived in Singapore in January 2008 for what was supposed to be her one year internship with a test preparation company.

They met on the 4th of January 2008. It was definitely not the love at first sight kind of story, and even thought they had many common friends and met occasionally, it took more than one and a half years for them to actually click. It was September 2009 when Iunia signed up for a ‘Bring a friend for free’ kind of course and Boca ‘accidentally’ joined… It was all downhill from there! They embarked on a journey of self discovery, growth, healing, understanding others and discovering the world. It was during this journey they had the privilege of having Giselle, a special Peruvian lady living in Singapore, as their teacher and mentor. She was the one who mentioned Machu Picchu to them for the first time and inspired them to continue their journey there, on the sublime land of the Incas.

It was September 2010 when they decided they would go to Macchu Pichu in March 2011, for a one week Sacred Journey in the company of an Inca Priest. At the time, Boca was still in the MNC, her internship now turned into a full time job, and Iunia was still in Singapore, in what was now her third job there. They both felt their time in Singapore was coming to an end and were contemplating ways out: Boca was going to move to China to be with her boyfriend, and Iunia was supposed to move to Thailand as soon as her company would open a new branch there.

Clearly, none of that happened.

Iunia’s company’s expansion was postponed and knowing she would not last in Singapore any longer, she decided she would take some time off. It had been a childhood dream to explore Latin America, so she thought that since she’d be spending a lot of money to go to Peru in March anyway, she might as well stay there for a few months and explore the region.

Boca’s relationship never reached the ‘Happily ever after’ part, so she said ‘YES’ to a life shaking experience in Latin America.

Silviu, the 3rd muschetter, is Iunia’s brother. They go back almost 26 years, since Iunia first opened her eyes on a warm May day in the last millennium. Having a usual cat and dog relationship as children, they became much closer when Iunia moved to the other side of the globe. One fine October day, she mentioned to her mom she was going to Peru. Not little was her surprise when her mom replied casually: ‘Oh, your brother is going there as well at the end of February’. This was a rather unusual ‘coincidence’, and even more so since the two of them had never ever talked about Machu Picchu or Latin America to each other… and then they ended up making plans of going there almost at the same time, totally independent of each other. As soon as she talked to him next, she asked: ‘Bro, since we’re both going to Peru at the same time, do you want to spend a few months there exploring the region?’ He did not even take a second to think about it and there was no trace of hesitation in his voice when he said: ‘Sis… let’s go for it!’

So they quit their jobs, packed their bags, said their goodbye (not an easy task at all), and with 5 days pit stop in Europe, they landed in Lima on March 21st, prepared to be amazed!

The plan as of now is as follows: Peru (March), Chile and Argentina (April and part of May), Paraguay and Uruguay (May), Brazil (June), Bolivia (July), Peru again (August), Ecuador (September)… and wherever else our legs and hearts take us!

UPDATE! The plan developed as follows: Peru (March), Chile and Argentina (April, May and part of June), Uruguay (part of June), Paraguay (part of July), Brazil (part of July and August), Peru again (September through January, with a break in December), Bolivia (December). Two of the backpacks have returned to Europe at the end of January, 10 months after landing on the South American continent. Silviu and his backpack are still in Peru, 15 months later.


Few words about:


I decided at 13 I want to move abroad after graduation.
I believe animals are amazing.
I love my sis, who is 20 years younger than I am.
First love: aerobic.
Soul mates do exists.
My true friends are from 6 different countries and from 5 different continents.
If I had ONE wish: I would wish all humans to live together in peace, love and harmony on this earth.
My favorites:  Sunday lunch with family, coffee with friends, walk along the beach, dance, India, pancakes, Tokai, Michael Jackson, Brian Weiss…
I admire: Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa.
There are no accidents!


I love yam paste with pumpkin and flower-power socks. I’m able to jump out of bed in the wee hours of the night just to put my pen on paper. I don’t understand the concepts of boredom and fashion. I am a fishetarian. I love being barefoot. I can only take very small doses of superficiality.

‘Philosophy’ in life: Smile to the word. Be genuine and open. Be grateful and appreciate life more. Discover what you are here for, then do it. Love people more. Believe and you shall be given. Be more than others expect you to be. Ignore fashion and advertisements. Eat more vegetables. Switch off the lights. Be tolerant. Prove your courage. Take responsibility. Be active, be free, be happy!


8 responses to “About Us

  1. all the best with your journeys!

  2. My Congratulations! All the best !…

  3. heeeehheehheyyyyy !!!!!!!
    Where are my dear little pigs ?
    I send you all my love from Viña, we miss you everyday !
    Hope to hearing from you very soon
    Many kisses and hugs,
    Jennifer, Greco and Matilde

    • Hi Matilde, Jen

      We are great. Currently in Rio! We love here, so nice and exciting!! We thinking of you a lot! Miss you!!!! Hope to see you soon… we are going to Lima end of September.. will you be there by any chance?

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