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So many funny things we said…

Some funny videos

Cycling in Maipu


Olive tasting in Maipu


Salsa Percution in buenos Aires


Entertainment by Daniela and Selis


Cutting Silviu’s hair


At the Perito Moreno qlacier


Chilean Patagonia


Taking a 20ppl plain in Patagpnia


In Ancud, Chile


With Dao in Santiago de Chile


Sandboarding in San Pedro, Chile


What can I say….


and how this whole thing started in Amsterdam…


Time for laughing

Iunia: ‘Silviu, why are you not eating the apple seeds as well?’
Boca (looking at Iunia with a ‘how silly are you’ kind of look): ‘Well obviously because an apple tree would grow inside his belly!!!’

Up on the El Tatio geyser, before sunset:
Iunia: ‘What do you think the temperature is over here?’
Guide:  Around -7 C.
Iunia: ‘Hmmm, it doesn’t feel that cold…’
Boca: ‘Yeah? Is that why your fingers feel like they’re about to fall off?
Iunia: ‘Oh…ok’

On the way to Puno (Peru), passing by Lake Titikaka:
Iunia: ‘Oh, is there a lake here?
Boca (laughing): “Ehhh yeah, that’s why they call it LAKE  Titikaka’

On Taquile Island (Peru), having trout (a fish which found in mountain waters) for lunch:
Iunia: ‘Hmmm, interesting, we’re having trout but I don’t see any mountains around…’
Boca (again laughing): ‘Well that’s because you are ON one, 3800m high…’

Iunia in pain because of the blisters around her mouth.
Boca: Do you want me to kick you?
Iunia: Huh? Why would you kick me???
Boca: Because then your leg would hurt more than your lip.

The kitchen of a hostel in Salta (Argentina). We’re having wine.
The owner comes in: ‘Hmm, it smells like gas in here’.
He goes and checks and indeed there’s gas coming out from the stove.
Boca: Hmm.. . Yeah, no wonder we’re so dizzy…
(not that the wine we’d been drinking had anything to do with that :p)

Walking around Montevideo (Uruguay), making food plans for the bus trip to Punta del Diablo.
Boca: So what food shall we take on the bus?
Iunia: Well, we still have some buns from the morning… We could put some slices of bread in them and we’re sorted!

Backpackers conversation:

‘So how far is San Pedro from Pucon?’
She puts two of her fingers about 5 cm apart ‘Oh, about this much’

‘So what’s the temperature like in Vina del Mar?’
‘ Errr… T-shirt?’

‘What are you cooking?’
‘Pasta! Just like last night. And the night before. And before:)’

Taking a dip in the geyser pool in El Tatio  while outside it’s -7 C.
’My feet are so cold they hurt.’
’Just wait one more minute, you won’t feel them at all anymore…’